How many undamaged rainforest valleys are left today on bc raincoast?


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Rainforest as we know it today did not exist until after the extinction of dinosaurs. Thus, non-avian dinosaurs did not live in the rainforest, but birds, which are a subgroup of dinosaurs, flourish in rainforests today.

Russia has thousands of valleys spread out across the country. Most were carved into the landscape by ancient glaciers and made it what it is today.

The rainforest as we know it today did not exist until after the non-avian dinosaurs died out. Birds, however, are dinosaurs, and they are abundant in the rainforest.

what people live in the amazon rainforest today

We are hurting it with all of our wasted products

The rainforest is so full of animals it is almost impossible to give you this answer. i mean, we are still discovering species out there in the rainforest today! So, the answer to your question, nobody knows but Allah

The problem and the solution to rainforest destruction are both economic. However, if land owners, governments and those living in the rainforest today.

Today, more than 20% of the Amazon Rainforest has been destroyed by man. It habitat has been used for cattleranches, mining sites, and logging. At this rate, 80% of the Amazon Rainforest will be destroyed in the year 2119!

Just to east if the plains of Mesopotamia is a region mountains ,tains ,valleys ,and deserts that is today the nation of Iran.

They leave behind glacial lakes, striations, and river valleys creating the Minnesota landscape there is today.

The rainforest is facing many differnt problems, but the main problem is deforestation.

King Tutankhamen was remembered because he was a relatively unimportant pharaoh. He is well known today because of the treasures that were found in his tomb, in which was discovered relatively undamaged in 1922 in the valley of the kings.

the rainforest problem their facing today is since more people are being born they will need more space to build houses so they chop the woods from rainforest to build houses to live Also, lots of animals are dying because of their loss of habitat.

Mostly like a tropical rainforest, but the trees were different than today.

About 25 percent of all medicine we use today come's from rainforest plants

The few places that rainforests are/where place are now being replaced with more houses being built.

today the amazon rainforest is suffering from danger ! and there trres are getting cut down minuate by minuate ? should this happen ?

Protection and hunting but also its the way they live, no animals in the rainforest = no man kind in the rainforest but by today these animals are getting extinct so it would make a difference because were in the middle of the latest mass extinction but we are trying to make it as little as possible so we don't loose many different species.

The greatest cause of tropical rain forest destruction today comes from human activities. There could be lots of differten reasons.

Eagles are some of the most majestic birds in the world today. They normally feed on small animals like snakes, rabbits, fish, and other rodents.

At one time almost 10 million native Indians occupied the lands of the South America Rainforest. At the time when Western and European explorers and conquistadors invaded the land in search of untold riches, there were less than one million indigenous people, today there are less than 250,000 indigenous natives. As the Rainforest dies, so does the heritage of the land and sadly so do the people of the Rainforest.

14% of the world was originally covered in rainforest. Today, only 6% remains. It is true that most of this damage has been done in the last 50 years, and even more damage is projected for the future. 300 acres of remaining rainforest are destroyed per minute. Humankind has had a detrimental affect on the world's ecosystems and this destruction is extremely significant. 50% of all species make their homes in rainforests.

We people don't, society today believes that we do though. I personally think that we people don't at all. It's ridiculous how we're taking many animals homes away from them. :(

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