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Q: How many united state senators represent each state?
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Who are the two united state senators?

There are actually 100 total US senators and 2 represent each state in the United States.

Do US senators have districts?

United States Senators represent an entire state. There are two Senators for each state (a junior and a senior).

What persons work in Congress and there are two of them for each state?

Two United States Senators represent each state in the U.S. Congress.

How many United States senators represent Oklahoma and what are their names?

Each state has two senators. You can find their names at the related link.

Who are the senators of the us?

The Senators are people choosen by citizens of the United States to represent the state they are from on the federal level. Two people from each state are choosen by the people of each state making the total number of senators 100.

Does North Carolina have senators?

All states in America have senators. Each state has 2 senators that represent the citizens of North Carolina in the United States Senate.

How many senators represent each of the 50 states?

100 senators, two from each state.

How many senators represent each 50 states?

Each state sends 2 senators.

Before 1964 Who did senators represent?

they go to the senate and represent their own state. (2 senators from each state a total of 50)

How many Senators represent each state?

Two per state.

Two of what represent each state in congress?

Each State elects two senators.

What proportion of the state does each Senator represent?

In the US, even though each state has two senators, each of those senators represents the entire state.

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