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How many universities in Punjab Pakistan?


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There are 36 universities in Punjab.


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In Pakistan which province have greater number of university Punjab and sindh

36 districts r in the punjab pakistan

there are 5 rivers in Punjab and 6 in Pakistan.

There are total 93 cities & major towns in Punjab (Pakistan); current population of Punjab is estimated: 81,845,433 & total area of Punjab: 205344 km²

Punjab is in a city in Southern Pakistan!!!!

about 3434 union councils in Punjab Pakistan

who calls punjab the heart of pakistan

there are total 36 districts in punjab(pakistan) and 20 districts in punjab(india)

the population of Punjab, Pakistan is 81,845,433.(estimated)

Shahbaz Sharif is the Chief Minister of Punjab, Pakistan.

The Provincial Assembly of the Punjab has 371 seats. The Pakistan Muslim League (N) has the most seats with 313.

because they live in Punjab province

Capital of Punjab:Punjab in India: ChandigarhPunjab in Pakistan: Lahore

There are many university in P akistan which are known as the best universities if Pakistan such as FAST ,NUST, UET they are the best universities of Pakistan and this is not possible to say that there is no best university in Pakitan.Atleast there are 71 universities in Pakistan......................

The Punjab is a provincial district of Pakistan that also comprises of territories in eastern Pakistan and southern India. The name Punjab means five rivers.

Punjab is called the heart of Pakistan as there are two Punjab's one in India and one in Pakistan.

There four provinces of Pakistan. Punjab Sindh Balochistan Serhad(NWFP)

There are 4 provinces in Pakistan Khyber pakhtunkhwa Punjab Sindh Balochistan

CM Secretariat, Lahore Punjab, Pakistan.

the new governer of punjab,pakistan is now latif khosa in 2011....

Lahore is the capital of Punjab, Pakistan also the historical capital of the Greater Punjab region of India and Pakistan.

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