How many users are create in active directory window 2003?

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10 mllion users.because active directory support 10 million objects if you do not create any OU,Any shared Folder or other object.
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What is the Active Directory of Windows server?

ACTIVE DIRECTORY IS A CENTRALIZED DATABASE ...WHICH IS USED IN DOMAIN FOR ADMINISTRATIVE PURPOSES... An active directory is a directory structure used on Microsoft Windows based computers and servers to store information and data about networks and domains. It is primarily used for online informati ( Full Answer )

How do you create a temp directory on Windows XP?

It is very simple. Create any directory that you wish to be used as windows temp direcotry. Follow the steps below to create your own Windows temp directory under any OS. 1. Create a Directory under root ex: C:\Temp 2. Right Click on My Computer icon from the desktop and goto properties page. 3. Go ( Full Answer )

What advantages does active directory offer for managing user accounts?

1. It will provide fully integrated security in the form of user logon's and authentication. 2. It makes easy in administration in the form of group policies and permissions. 3. It makes easy to identify the resources. 4. It will provide scalability, flexibility and extentiability. 5. It ( Full Answer )

Way to installation of active directory services on server 2003?

Start->Manage Your Server-> Add or Remove Role, then check Active Directory and follow instructions.. Note: 1: start>program>manage your server>add or Remove Role>Active Directory then follow instructions.. 2: Start>Run> dcpromo. Note: Dcpromo is a command installation of active directorey. wheh o ( Full Answer )

Windows 2003 active directory contains both logical and physical components. what are the physical and logical components of active directory?

The physical component of Active directory contain all the physical subnet present in your network like domain controllers and replication between domain controllers. The logical structure of active directory include forest, domains, tree, OUs and global catalogs. Domain : a group of computer a ( Full Answer )

What is the directory service for windows server 2003?

A network service that identifies all resources on a network and makes them accessible to users and applications. Resources include e-mail addresses , computers, and peripheral devices such as printers. Ideally, the directory service should make the physical network topology and protocols t ( Full Answer )

How many active users are on Facebook?

According to Facebook, there are currently 500 million active Facebook users. That's about 200 million more people than number registered users on RuneScape. Also about 494 million more people than number registered users on Minecraft. More recent studies show facebook have now over 750,000,00 ( Full Answer )

How do you create a directory in Windows Vista?

A directory is the same as a folder. Go to Start>My Computer> go to the folder you want to make a directory in>click "New Folder" at the top of the screen (or right click and go to new>folder)>Name your folder>press enter>You just made a new folder!

You are to implement seven Windows 2003 Servers. The scope of the project is to install and configure a Windows 2003 domain with Active Directory. Three of the Windows 2003 servers are to be located?

I do not understand the last portion of your question. I am hoping that you have a dedicated Windows System Administrator to setup this network for you, AND and that servers will be local within this network. If the servers will be scattered geologically please note there might be firewall issues, y ( Full Answer )

The Windows 2000 Active Directory is stored in what three files?

The Active Directory ESE database, NTDS.DIT, consists of the following tables:. Schema table the types of objects that can be created in the Active Directory, relationships between them, and the optional and mandatory attributes on each type of object. This table is fairly static and much smaller ( Full Answer )

Can you retrieve user passwords from active directory?

It is not possible to see or obtain the password for an Active Directory user. That would breach the security measures that Windows attempts to put in place. The only thing you can do as an administrator is reset the password. But you can never identify the current password unless the user tells ( Full Answer )

Active directory 2003 and active directory 2008 differences?

One of the really exciting new ones is the concept of the read-only domain controller. Before with AD, as compared with NT 4.0 in particular, every domain controller has a writable copy of your directory. You can make a change anywhere and it will propagate throughout the environment. At the same ti ( Full Answer )

Without changing users home directory how to create a user in AIX?

The question is unclear; when you "create" a user you either create a default home directory for the user or specify the path for that user. If the user doesn't exist then typically they don't have a home directory at this point. If you want to associate a new user with an existing (unowned) direct ( Full Answer )

How many active users are there on Twitter?

It's quite difficult to work out how many there are worldwide, especially since so many people are joining every day. There are, however, approximately 18 million users in the USA alone.

What are the differences between 2003 and 2008 Active directory?

One of the really exciting new ones is the concept of the read-only domain controller. Before with AD, as compared with NT 4.0 in particular, every domain controller has a writable copy of your directory. You can make a change anywhere and it will propagate throughout the environment. At the same ti ( Full Answer )

Does Active Directory Windows networks more secure?

yes it makes network more secure An AD lets you manage your network from one point. Its very convienent. Its easy to use Easy to set-up Very flexible more secure delegation easy robust easy manageability(ou) easy administration and control all regions have same data can manag ( Full Answer )

How do you create sub directory in windows?

There are (as you might expect), several ways. Probably the easiest is to use Explorer; right click where you want the subfolder and select "New Folder" from the menu that appears.

What tool can you use to create user accounts and populate the Active Directory database?

, there is a plenty of options available. 1. Active Directory Users and Computers (from Administrative Tools) 2. dsadd user - command line tool (see the dsadd user help in command line window) 3. CSVDE.EXE - command line tool to import/create the users using CSV file 4. LDIFDE.EXE - comma ( Full Answer )

What do you mean by active directory user?

Active directory users are nothing but the ones those are authenticated or able to access the directory with all the benefits of directory

How many user accounts can you create in Windows 7?

You can create as many as you like for as long as you have space on your hard drive. You probably won't get too many accounts made as each one uses about a gigabyte, and that's before the user starts saving documents, music etc.

What editions of Windows 7 can be added to an Active Directory domain?

I really get sick of this website and in fact I am now going to start avoiding this website on my google search results. I come here for an answer to a basic question and instead I get asked the same question. This website is a flop and is disgraceful to what the internet is about(the flow of inform ( Full Answer )

What authentication protocols does the Active Directory in Windows Server 2003 support?

NTLM AND kerberos Microsoft adopted Kerberos as the preferred authentication protocol for Windows 2000 and subsequent Active Directory domains.[5] Kerberos is typically used when a server belongs to a Windows Server domain, or if a trust relationship with a Windows Server Domain is established in ( Full Answer )

Are users part of the active directory?

yes users are the important part of active directory as the users are assigned the permission to use the resources, groups, printers .We can assign users to a group and apply permission on them we can put them in OU and apply restriction /permission etc.Without users there is no meaning of resources ( Full Answer )

Why error is displayed while creating new users in active directory users and computers?

The error could be due to folwloing The network is down. The domain controller is not reachable(PDC is not available need to check, RID stack is not full and RID master is not down) The account used does not have permission to add user/computer etc Check the event log to find the event id ( Full Answer )

How do you create an Active Directory-integrated zone?

1. Click Start, Administrative Tools, and then click DNS to open the DNS console. 2. In the console tree, select the DNS server that you want to create a new DNS zone. 3. From the Action menu, click the New Zone option. 4. On the initial page of the New Zone Wizard, click Next. 5. Select the ( Full Answer )

What is the default tombstone lifetime of deleted objects in a Windows Server 2003 SP Active Directory domain?

The default tombstone lifetime is 60 days for forests initially built using Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003, and 180 days for forests that were initially built with Windows Server 2003 SP1. You can change the tombstone lifetime by setting the tombstoneLifetime attribute of the CN=Directory Serv ( Full Answer )

How do you create an Organizational Unit in Active Directory?

Open Active Directory Users and Computers. . In the console tree, right-click the folder in which you want to add an organizational unit. Where? . Active Directory Users and Computers/ domain node / folder . Point to New , and then click Organizational Unit . . Type the name o ( Full Answer )

What does windows active directory do?

The service known as Windows active directory authenticates and authorizes users in a windows type network, enforcing security policies on the computer. One example would be it governs whether the user is a system administrator or normal user.