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The Flute does not have valves, it has keys. The kind of flute determines the number of keys or holes it may have. The regular western flute has 25 keys.

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The trumpet is a member of the brass family; the flute is a woodwind. A trumpet has valves, and a flute has keys. A trumpet is in the key of B flat, while a flute is a C instrument. Much about them is different, but the similarity is that they are both metallic.

a flute has 7 finger holes and the hole at the end of the flute.

There are 4 holes a woodwind flute has.

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There are many members of the flute family. Here are three:1. The concert flute-the flute you would normally play on in band, etc2.The piccolo- practicaly a mini flute with some changes.3.The alto flute- a flute that curves at the mouth piece and is tuned a 4th lower than the concert flutePiccolo, flute, alto flute, and bass flute

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there are 25 key and 8 holes on the flute. I play the flute myself and it is really hard

Two: Those who love to play flute and those who are forced to play flute.

Zero, although the flute is considered a woodwind, it does not have a reed.

An Indian Flute called Bansuri has 6 holes

In the modern flute family there is a C flute(the most common one), a piccolo which sounds an ocatve higher, an alto flute in the key of G (so a fourth lower then the c flute), and a bass flute which is an octave lower then the c flute.

some do. many have rotor valves or thayer valves (f attatchments) and there are valve trombones.

A modern flute is a long metal tube consisting of three parts. A head/mouth piece A middle piece(the longest part) And the end (the smallest part) It has holes and valves along the length of the instrument

A wooden flute can contain from one hole, to many. It all depends on what you buy.

i think 35,000,000 thats how many played the flute from all around the world

The flute is in three pieces but it's made out of many many small pieces.

A flute has 3 major pieces. These flute pieces are the head joint, the body joint, and the foot joint.

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