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AA, AAA, AAAA, C, D, F, N, Sub-C, Number 6 "Igniter", and many coin cell batteries all produce the exact same voltage: 1.5V

Back in the 1920s through 1940s there was a class of batteries for use in certain vacuum tube radios called an A battery. This is unrelated to the batteries above and they came in many physical shapes and sizes. Typical voltages were: 1.5V, 6V, or 12V depending on the tubes used in the radio.

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3 volts

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1.5 volts

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Q: How many volts in a AA battrey?
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How many volts does an AA battery produce?

A good AA battery has about 1.5 volts across it.

How many volts does an AA energizer battery have?

1.5 volts

A portable radio that runs on AA batteries needs 33 volts to work properly How many batteries does it use?

22 (1.5 volts each) AA batteries

What is the volts of an AA battery?

Generally 1.5 volts

How many volts in a c?

A "C" battery has a 1.5 Volts same with AAA, AA, and D batteries.

How many volts are supplied by a AA battery?

3 AA batteries provide about 4.5 volts. The amps depend on the load but for D-cells a load of 10 amps can be sustained for short periods.

How many volts do 3 AA batteries supply?

A single AA battery will produce 1.5 volts. In series the voltage is additive. In parallel the voltage remains the same but the batteries total capacity is increased.

Will a 12 volt dc power requirement work on a AA battery?

No, not on 1 AA battery which only outputs 1.5 volts. Connect 8 AA batteries together in Series and you will have 12 volts.

How many volts or amps are needed to charge a rechargeable AA battery in 10 minutes?

4,000 volts. Depending on the brand name, and how many times it has been recharged, or if it is lithiam nitrait.

What is the voltage of 6 AA batteries?

The voltage of 6 AA batteries connected in series is 9 volts. Each AA battery typically provides 1.5 volts, so when connected in series, their voltages add up.

How much volts should you get when the 2004 4runner is running and why am i only getting 12volts with battrey wires on and 13volts with battrey wire off?

With a fully charged battery (12.68 v) and the vehicle running, you should have aprox 14.2 volts at the battery connections. Do not disconnect the battery while engine is running, damage to the alternator can occur. If I read your question correctly, it sounds like the alternator is at fault.

How many volts does an AAA duracell battery have?

All AA batteries are 1.5v "though it should say so on the label"