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How many volts is 50 kv?

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50 Kv = 50,000 volts

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13,800 volts 1 kv = 1 kilovolt = 1000 volts

K stands for Kilo or 1000. 4160000 volts = 4160 kV

The k in kV stands for 1,000 and the v stands for volts. Divide 25,000 by 1,000 you get 25 kv.

A kilovolt (kV) is 1000 volts.

900,000 Volts. That is Nine Hundred Thousand volts.

One kilovolt is one thousand volts.

1.0 kilo volts = 1000 volts1000 effective volts is 1kV.

There is no city KV. KV stands for Kilo Volts

A voltage of 13.8 kV is equal to 13,800 volts.

220 volts, 110 volts, 440 volts, 400 volts, AC or DC voltage. High voltage like - 220 KV, 400 KV, etc

The unit is the volt and in 1Kv there are 1000 volts.

A kV is a kilovolt or 1000 volts.some one who is a migit and annoying and loves chikin

Kilo Volts K = 1000 so 5KV = 5000 volts

Could be zero, could be 1000 amps. Amps are not the same thing as volts.

Kilovolt or 1000 volts. 1KV is 1000 volts, 2KV is 2000 volts. Kilo stands for 1000.

KV is the abbreviation for kilovolts. The prefix kilo means thousands, so 220 kv means 220 kilovolts, or 220,000 volts.

Kilo Volt, as in thousand volts

Multiples of 11 kV are used in many countries. The idea is to deliver a round number of volts so you add on 10% to allow for line losses. So 10 kV becomes 11 kV. In practice lines are operated without a 10% voltage drop now because it represents an unacceptable waste of energy, but we have stuck with 11 kV etc. Common supply voltages used for area distribution are 6.6 kV, 11 kV, 33 kV, 66 kV and 132 kV.

You are mixing units of measurement. 1KV is 1,000 volts. Watts = Volts x Current. Therefore, to find out a wattage you need to know the current.

Amps * Volts = Watts. 50 Watts at 120 Volts = .4 Amps 50 Watts at 12 Volts = almost 4.25 Amps 50 Watts at 1 Volt = 50 Amps

5 kV ac means 5 kV rms, which represents a peak voltage of 5 x sqrt (2) kV, or 7.07 kV. So the dc test should provide 7070 volts.

7960 volts <<>> A voltage of 13.8 kV is a phase to phase voltage on a 13.8kV delta system. Phase to ground wye connection on this system would be 7976 kV. If the 13.8 kV is phase to ground connection then the phase to phase voltage would be 23.8 kV.

In the abbreviation scheme that I am familiar with, 1 mv represents 1 millivolt, or 1 X 10 -3 volts. 1 kv represents 1 kilovolt, or 1 X 10 3 volts. So 1 mv would be 1/100,000 of a kv.

1 KVA = 1000 * Volts * Amps 1 KV = 1000 Volts There is no comparison that can be drawn since you need to know amps to compute V x A.

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