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How many electorial votes does Montana have?

It has 19 electoral votes right now.

How many votes does each candidate have right now?

One zero

How many votes did president Obama win by in Florida?

In 2008, Florida had 27 electoral votes, and Mr. Obama won them. In the popular vote in 2008, Mr. Obama earned 4,282,367 votes (51%); his challenger John McCain got 4,046,219. So, President-elect Obama defeated John McCain by 236,148 votes. In 2012, Florida now had 29 electoral votes, and the president won them again. Barack Obama received 4,237,756 votes, or 50.1%, and his challenger Mitt Romney got 4,163,447; Mr. Obama's margin of victory was 74,309 votes.

What did mcain do?

McCain did absolutely nothing which is why he is not president right now and Obama is. McCain is an old man who makes horrible decisions for people and friends.

Can you be a senator and still run for president?

Yes, Senator McCain is doing it right now...

What is the score between McCain and Obama?

obama is wining more delagates right now and McCain is not that far if u turn on your t.v. they made an announcment McCain is about to make a speech n his home town Arazoina

How many points does Obama have now?

He Has 300 and something and McCain is almost at 300

How many votes did Samuel J. Tilden get?

36 votes answer my question now what is the homophone for harbour

What religion is john McCain and Cindy?

Cindy McCain and John McCain now attend Southern Baptist Church....They are Baptists.

Did Barack Obama win most of the electoral votes for Florida?

In 2008: Yes. Barack Obama received Florida's 27 electoral votes, beating John McCain 4,282,074 votes to 4,045,624 votes. In 2012, the state now had 29 electoral votes, and although it took a few extra days to count them all, President Obama was once again victorious. He received 4,237,756 votes, beating his challenger Mitt Romney, who had 4,163,447.

How many wifes did McCain have?

John McCain has been married twice. He was married to Carol Shepp from 1965-1980, and married to Cindy Hensley from 1980 to now.

Is John McCain Catholic?

John McCain was an Episcopalian, but now identifies himself as a Baptist.

What is John McCain doing now?

John McCain is running for president on the Republican ticket.

How many electorial votes will Ohio have this year's election?

Ohio now get 18 votes, two less than before.

How many votes did Obama get for each state than Romney?

Right now, i heard on the radio, Obama is at 76% and Romney's at 74%? it was 76 and 74 something.

What will McCain be now that he has lost the election?

Right now he is a Senator in Arizona. After he leaves the senate, he might just go a nursing home or something along those lines.

Is John McCain healthy now?

McCain is in very good health despite his previous medical conditions.

What state does each candidate Barack Obama and John McCain resides now?

Mccain in Texas and Obama Illinois McCain resides in Arizona where he is a US Senator.

How many electoral votes did Obama win in Illinois?

Barack Obama won all 21 of his home state's electoral votes, with 3,419,673 votes to McCain's 2,031,527 votes.Illinois currently now has 20 electoral votes as of the 2010 census.

What job does John McCain hold now?


How many electoral votes does Obama get now?

The president's final total for the 2012 election was 332 electoral votes, compared to Mitt Romney's 206.

How many wild fires are in Idaho right now?

"Right now" is November and there are none right now.

Is John McCain an Episcopalian?

He was,but now identifies himself as a Baptist.

how many ps5 are out right now?

1 ps5 out rn lol

How many electoral votes does each candidate have right now?

according to ABC news at 10:20 pm est. Obama - 172 Romney - 163 A candidate needs 270 electoral votes to win. live coverage at