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How many watts is a 1141 auto bulb?

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An 1141 bulb consumes 18.4 watts.

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a normal light bulb is about sixty watts. if the light bulb is being fed a certain amount of bolts the watts can increase.

Depends on wattage of each bulb. Multiply the wattage of a bulb by 100. Guess is between 1 and 3 watts per bulb.

it depends on the kind of led bulb

It should be written on its box, and likely on the bulb (the globe or collar) as well. Not all bulbs have the same power (watts).

If it is a 40 Watt bulb it converts energy at the rate of 40 Watts as long as it is switched on.

The only power used by a desk light is that used by the bulb. The bulb normally has its power in watts marked on it.

Thomas Edison's first lightbulb was about 20 watts

That depends on how many volts does that bulb use not watts...

The wattage of each bulb will be printed on the end of the glass globe. Also there you will find the operating voltage of the bulb.

Light bulb power is measured in watts, and there are 1000 watts in a kilowatt.

There are 1350 watts in a 60 hz bulb. There is a push not for everyone to transfer to led bulbs.

60 watts. The ballast also uses this same amount

Find out the wattage and voltage of the bulb. Divide the watts by the volts, that gives the amps.

A C7 bulb is typically very low wattage, sort of like the older style Christmas tree bulb. The wattage can vary, but usually in the range of 1 to 7 watts.

Normally the watts is a measure of how many watts of electicity a bulb uses, so a 60 watt bulb uses 60 watts. The brightness is measured in lumens, so a 60-watt incandescent blub might produce 600 lumens while a high-efficiency fluorescent blub might produce 3000 lumens.

It depends on the light bulb in it. turn off the lamp and check to see if it says on the bulb

0.04 kilowatts one kilowatt is 1000 watts

A 100 watt bulb gives about 1500 lumen, so 130 lumen would be a very small one, about 8 watts.

A typical desk lamp woud use a 60-watts incandesent bulb or a 12 watt CFL bulb, which uses 80% less power.

Every person has a different power of light bulb. In my room, I have a 7.5 and a whole bunch of 60s. The number of watts you choose for your light bulb depends on how bright you want your light to be. The higher the number, the brighter it is.

144 watts <<>> The formula to find watts is W = A x V. Watts =Amps x Volts.

Watts = Volts X Amps. Amps=Watt / Volts. So, with a 240V mains, a 60W bulb draws 0.25amps. On a 12 system (car/auto) a 60W bulb draws 5 amps. On a 110V mains, a 60W bulb draws .55 Amps.

This depends on the wattage of each bulb. If each bulb is, say, 100 watts, you can power ten thousand bulbs. To calculate for your own bulbs, divide 1,000,000 watts by the wattage of each bulb.

A 60 Watt bulb, by definition, uses 60 Watts. If your question was how much current is required to operate a 60W incandescent in a situation where 120 VAC is the norm, it is 1/2 amp.

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