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600 watts

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Q: How many watts is a alpine v12 mrv-t501 amp?
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How many watts does my 12 volt 2 amp battery charger draw?

Volts * Amps = Watts 12 Volt * 2 amp = 24 Watts

Is Alpine MRD-M1005 a good amp to power 2 Alpine Type R 12?

Perfect as long as your running them at 2 ohms to get the full 1000 watts RMS output from the amp as each sub is rated at 500 w rms. I have the same amp with 2 10" alpine type r subs. Model SWR-1023d, 2010 model and they bump hard as hell!

How many watts is a Kenwood KAC-744 amp?


How many watts is an Orion cs 100.2 amp?

The formula for watts is, Watts = Amps x Volts.

What size amp should you get if your getting a 12 alpine type-x?

well each type x subwoofer can handle 3000 watts max and 1000 rms (recomended) so about a 2000 watt amp should give u unbelievible bass, if u have 2 alpine type x 12's u need can handle 6000 watts and 2000 rms

How many watts to make amp?


Where can one purchase an Alpine AMP?

One can purchase an Alpine AMP from a local electrical appliance or digital products store or online at ebay, Amazon, Crutchfield, Futureshop and many more.

What would be a good amplifier to use with the Alpine SPS-600 speakers?

You could use any amp size over 100 watts for great sound production.

2004 Chevrolet Impala stock Amplifier how many watts does it have?

how many watts does he amp have in a 2005 chevy impala

How many watts does a amp have?

Total power output (Total RMS output): 1000 watts

How many watts is a kicker impulse 352xi amp?


How many watts does a sony xm752x amp put out?