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You could use any amp size over 100 watts for great sound production.

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Q: What would be a good amplifier to use with the Alpine SPS-600 speakers?
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Can I connect two 2 ohm speakers to the front channels of my amp and then connect 2 4 ohm speakers to the rear channels of my 4 channel amp?

This depends on your amplifier's specifications. i would recommend looking in the amplifier's service manual to avoid disapointment or damage to your amplifier or speakers.

Is it more likely that the amplifier or the speakers would go out in a 1989 dodge dynasty with a infinity sound system?

Amplifier or blown fuse.

Do you connect speakers to receiver or amplifier?

Depends on what your definition of "receiver" is, but most of the time - to the amplifier. Consider: if the receiver is some form of a device that receives some signal, and then decodes it to audio, then the receiver will hook into the amplifier, which in turn will drive the speakers (so the speakers go to the amplifier) if, on the other hand, the receiver is a part of a wireless connection between the amplifier and speaker, then it really serves the role of a cable, so in essence you're again connecting the speakers to an amplifier (only using the receiver as an intermediary) You would have to specify your case.

What would be the purpose of a headphone amplifier?

A headphone amplifier is a type of audio amplifier. Instead of an amplifier that's designed to push through audio signals to speakers, a headphone amplifier is designed to work with headphones. These are common in devices such as MP3 players.

What speakers match a 300 watt 4 channel amplifier?

The ratings for the speakers will depend upon what '300 watts' means. If the amplifier develops 300 watts RMS total across 4 channels, this would indicate 75 watts RMS per channel. Speakers rated at 100 watts should suffice for this amplifier.

How many 30watt speakers can a 240watt amplifier drive?

Depends on the amp and type of speakers brand and ratings would be nice info u also need to look at ohms of the amp and the speakers

Where would you find the amplifier in your 2001 Chrysler Town and Country minivan?

they are on the speakers, there is not a main amp. hope this helps.

What home speaker system by sony has 16 normal speakers 2 front speakers and 2 subspeakers?

That would make a total of 20 speakers. Sony sells no such system, nor do they sell an amplifier that can connect that many speakers.

What kind of amp do you need for one 10 inch Alpine Type X subwoofer?

Alpine offered up until last year the PDX-1000 wich is a 1000 Watts RMS amplifier designed with the type X subwoofer series in mind. Now the best match would be the PDX-M12. Set the amplifier gain carefully as this amplifier is a bit strong for this subwoofer.

What important factors should I consider when buying an amplifier for my car?

There are a bunch of important factors to consider prior to buying an amplifier for a vehicle. Primarily, you must decide what the amplifier will be primarily used for. If the amplifier will be used for powering subwoofers it would be good to consider the bridged or mono capabilities as well as ohm ratings of the amplifier as well as the draw, or amount of power the amplifier will pull from the car's electrical system. The most important factor in considering an amplifier for powering subwoofers is probably output watts, which will determine the amplifier's power to the speakers and the amount of bass to be transmitted. If the amplifier is to be used to power mid or high range speakers, a multi channel (four or more) amplifier should be considered because of the ability to run multiple sets of speakers or component sets off of the different channels of the amplifier. The considerations inherent to the subwoofer amplifier are also present including watt ouput and power draw, but when selecting a multi cha

Are power amplifiers also for guitars?

Power amplifiers are use to offer a clean source of power to speakers, making your speakers louder. They do have amps for guitars though. You would want to look for a guitar amplifier.

Will using a 2 ohm 1200 watt amplifier be ok to use with three 4 ohm speakers 12 and 2-10?

If you connect three 4 ohm speakers in parallel, the amplifier would see a load of about 1.3 ohms. This definitely could damage the amp if you drive it too loud.

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