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Multiply the current by the voltage: 120 times 0.3, which is 40 watts.

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There are 1350 watts in a 60 hz bulb. There is a push not for everyone to transfer to led bulbs.

a normal light bulb is about sixty watts. if the light bulb is being fed a certain amount of bolts the watts can increase.

A 60 watt light bulb is a light bulb with 60 watts capacity. When talking about watts, you're talking about the power that is transferred from the appliance to the accessories. Therefore, the light bulb labeled "60 watts" takes 60 watts to light up. A 60 watt light bulb will not be as bright as a 120 watt light bulb.

Can I use 50 watts light bulb for weed plant

a light bulb is measured in watts

Watts up? (Get it? What's up? Watts- the amount of energy/electricity in the bulb) hahahaha

A 60 watt light bulb is a light bulb that, at rated voltage, will dissipate 60 watts.

The only power used by a desk light is that used by the bulb. The bulb normally has its power in watts marked on it.

Very little, but it is noticeable, with a bright light in a small room. A light bulb puts out between 9 watts (energy-saving fluorescent light bulb) to approximately 100 watts (bright incandescent light bulb). Your average bar-heater, for comparison, puts out about between 1200-2400 watts.

Every person has a different power of light bulb. In my room, I have a 7.5 and a whole bunch of 60s. The number of watts you choose for your light bulb depends on how bright you want your light to be. The higher the number, the brighter it is.

The amount of power needed to light up a bulb is measured in watts and is marked on the bulb, along with the correct operating voltage. For example 240 v 20 watts.

the lite bulb is calld a save energe lite bulb yah=( or the light bulb is called the energy green bulb=)

Light bulbs are rated in watts

You answer is on the light bulb. Watts is the same as power.

the rate of energy that the bulb consumes.

It means that the power consumption of the bulb is 40 watts.

yes,but you cannot light up over or a 60 watt light bulb it has to be below 60 watts

Check the amount of watts recommended for the light bulb socket and on the light bulb.

A 3 watt led light is not the same as a 45 watt bulb. A led light is a lot brighter.

It should be written on its box, and likely on the bulb (the globe or collar) as well. Not all bulbs have the same power (watts).

If it is a 40 Watt bulb it converts energy at the rate of 40 Watts as long as it is switched on.

Light bulb power consumption is measured in watts.