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she uses 2

she uses 2

she doesn't use2 she uses more than 7 wigs

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How many songs does Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus?

first:Hannah Montana is Miley Cyrus.she got alot of songs

How many songs has Hannah Montana have?

by Hannah Montana (not Miley Cyrus) she has 18

How many albums does Miley Cyrus or Hannah Montana have?

Album #1: Hannah Montana (1) Album #2: Hannah Montana 2 / Meet Miley Cyrus (they come together) Album #3: Hannah Montana 3 Abum #4: Miley Cyrus: Break Out CD

How many others played Hannah Montana before Miley Cyrus?

Miley Cyrus originated the role of Miley Stewart / Hannah Montana, and has appeared on the show for 4 seasons.

How many animals does Hannah Montana have?

Hannah Montana is Miley Cyrus and i dont know if she has pets

What is the nature of Miley Cyrus?

Miley Cyrus is a very famous girl who playing Hannah Montana/Miley Stewart in the TV-show Hannah Montana and she is with in many other movies to; The Last Song, Hannah Montana: The Movie and more..

How many albums has Hannah Montana or Miley Cyrus made?

Hannah Montana, Hannah Montana2/Meet Miley Cyrus, Hannah Montana the Movie, Hannah Montana 3, Hannah Montana Forever, Breakout, Can't be Tamed, The Time of Our Lives 9 albums all together

How many identities does Miley Cyrus have?

I think she has 3 as she has Miley Stewart, Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus (Obviously). =)

How many wigs does Miley Cyrus have?

Miley Cyrus [ aka Hannah Montana] has two wigs in total.

How many albums did Miley Cyrus put out?

Counting Hannah Montana ones: 7 (in this order Hannah montana Hannah Montana 2 Meet Miley Cyrus Breakout Hannah Montana: The Movie Hannah Montana 3 The Time Of Our Lives (releases August 31, 2009)

How many CD's does Hannah Montana have out?

7Hannah MontanaHannah Montana 2: Meet Miley CyrusHananh Montana: The MovieHannah Montana 3Hannah Montana ForeverHannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds ConcertHannah Montana 2: Non-Stop Dance PartyHannah Montana: Hits Remixed

How many years has Miley Cyrus done Hannah Montana?


How many albums has Miley Cyrus sold?

Miley Cyrus has sold around 15-16 million albums. That doesn't count singles.The amount is 15 million!------------------------------------Miley's Albums:- Meet Miley Cyrus- Breakout- Time of our lives- Cant be tamed- Miley Cyrus Live at AppleHannah's Albums:- Hannah Montana 1- Hannah Montana 2- Hannah Montana 3- Hannah Montana forever- Hannah Montana : The Movie soundtrack- Hannah Montana Hits Remixed- Hannah Montana Best of Both WorldsOther Albums Miley has been on:- Timberland- The Last Song- Disney mania

How many cds does Miley Cyrus have out?

she only has 4 two miley and two Hannah Montana.

How many songs did Miley sing that were on the 2006 Hannah Montana soundtrack?

Miley Cyrus sang 8 songs as Hannah Montana and one with her dad as herself.

How Many Songs are on the Hannah Montana 2 CD?

There are 20 songs on the Hannah Montana/meet Miley Cyrus CD soundtrack

Who is milie Cyrus?

do u mean Miley Cyrus........she is a famous singer aka Hannah Montana and has many hit song out and has her own tv show Hannah Montana

How many albums has Miley Cyrus Made?

As Miley Cyrus, she has made four: Meet Miley Cyrus, Breakout, Time of Our Lives, and Cant Be Tamed. As Hannah Montana, she has also made four albums: A soundtrack for each season (there are three) and the soundtrack for Hannah Montana the Movie.

How many times did it take Miley Cyrus to audition for Hannah Montana?

2 times

How many names does Hannah Montana have?

she was first called destiny-hope Cyrus,the nshe had it changed to miley ray Cyrus cuz she was so smily,and Hannah Montana is her star name

How many albums or singles has Hannah Montana sold?

In the United States, Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus albums and singles have sold the following amounts:Albums:Meet Miley Cyrus: Hannah Montana 2 - 3 millionHannah Montana: The Movie - 1 millionBreakout - 1 millionSingles:"The Climb" - 2 million

How many brother and sister does Hannah Montana have?

well Hannah Montana only has one brother in the show. But Miley Cyrus has 5 brothers and sisters.

Who is Destiny Cyrus and why so many names for one person?

Destiny Cyrus and Miley CyrusDestiny Cyrus is Miley Cyrus. She was born Destiny Hope Cyrus but legally changed it to Miley Ray Cyrus when she was 15, in honour of her late paternal grandfather, Ronald Ray Cyrus (father of Billy Ray Cyrus). The name Miley comes from the nickname "smiley", given to her by her parents because she smiled a lot.Miley Stewart and Hannah MontanaMany people wrongly refer to Miley Cyrus as Miley Stewart and as Hannah Montana. However, both Miley Stewart and Hannah Montana were fictional characters from the Walt Disney TV series and movie, Hannah Montana. Both characters were portrayed by Miley Cyrus. In the series, Hannah Montana was a fictional teen pop-star and secret alter-ego of Miley Stewart, an equally fictitious schoolgirl. Miley Cyrus originally performed concerts both as herself and in costume as Hannah Montana, as depicted in 2007-2008 Best of Both Worlds Tour. Nowadays, Miley Cyrus performs solely under her own name. She has a new album, Danger Zone, due for release in 2013, and a tour can be expected to follow.

Where did they take movies of Hannah Montana?

Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus best of both worlds concert movie was fillmed in many states and Hannah Montana the movie was filmed in Tenessee and California

How did Miley Cyrus become so popuplar?

Miley Cyrus became popular when she landed the role of Miley Stewart AKA Hannah Montana on the hit Disney channel series Hannah Montana. Since then she has had 3 seasons on the show and many successful albums. :D

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