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Charlemagne had 4 wives and 18 children.
Depending on how you count, the answer could be four, five or ten. Officially, Charles the Great (Charlemagne) was a Christian under the authority of the Pope, and he was therefore allowed only one wife at a time. Unofficially, he kept to pagan habits that allowed him extra women.

His first known companion was Himiltrude, who is described as a Friedelfrau. This was probably something like a morganatic wife, i.e. of higher status than a concubine because he could not have another wife while he had her, but she still did not have the full rights of an official wife. Himiltrude bore Charlemagne two children, but he put her aside in order to marry Desiderata.

His four official wives were:

1. Desiderata of Lombardy. This marriage was annulled after only a year.

2. Hildegard of Vinzgouw. She died after twelve years, having borne him nine children.

3. Fastrada, who died after ten years. She bore him two children.

4. Ludgarda, who also died in his lifetime. She was childless.

His five known concubines were:

1. Gerswinda, who had one child.

2. Madelgard, who had one child.

3. Amaltrud of Vienne, who had one child.

4. Regina, who had two children.

5. Ethelinda, who had two children.

There may have been other concubines, but probably none who had children.

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Q: How many wives did Charlemagne have?
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