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How many word do you use today?

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many words

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How would you use the word missionaries in a sentence?

Many missionaries are around America today.

How do you use the word subversion in a sentence?

i have a subversion today

How can you use the word research in the sentence?

I will do my research today.

What is color in Latin?

Chromacolor in latin is just color. it is one of the many latin word we still use today.

How many Americans use technology today?

How many Americans are alive today? Try to find the answer on Wikipedia. That's how many Americans use technology today -- all of them that are alive.

How many syllables are there in the word TODAY?


How do you use the word overemphasize in a sentence?

He overemphasize on his test today.

How do you use word joyous in the sentence?

I am feeling joyous today.

How do you use the word doctor in sentence?

Consult a doctor today

What is the most common word for keyboard use today?

it is laptop

How do you use the word paid in a sentence?

He was paid his allowance today.

When to use apostrophe in the word it?

You use an apostrophy in the word it (it's) when you want to shorten the words "it is": it's very cold today.

How many people use braille today?

About 150 million people use Braille today.

Is the word submiss still in use today?

The word "submiss" was never in use. Words like "submission" and "submissive" are related to the word "submit" which is of course in use all the time.

Past present and future tense for the word USE?

* today I use * yesterday I used * tomorrow I will use

How do you use the word 'today' in a sentence?

"Today we're going to the beach" "Today wasn't a good day but hopefully tomorrow will be better"

How many people use GPS today?


How do you say loser in Hebrew?

maf'sidan, but this is an old fashioned word, all Hebrew speakers today use the English word instead, "loser", like many other words.

How many words can you make from the word today?


Use the word rumpus in a sentence?

They made a rumpus in the class today.

How do you use the word lionize in a sentence?

Today we will lionize her since its her birthday.

How do you use the word myth in a sentence?

I read a myth about the constilations today

How can you use the word conflict in a sentence?

Today there was a conflict between my mom and I.

How do you use the word community in a sentence?

today i went to the community centre

How do you use the word cabbage in a sentence?

"my family had cabbage for dinner today!"