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The only place I have seen documented research on this is and they say Inferred female and male daily word totals:

male = 6073 words per day

female = 8805 words per day

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Q: How many words a person speaks in a day?
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How much do you talk?

The average person speaks about 5,000 words per day.

What did William g. harley say about a woman speaking how many words per day and a man?

Harley say about a woman speaking how many words per day ad a man speaks how many words per day

How many words does a person think in a day?

depends on the person - normal people think of about 3,000 words a day. hope this helped!

How many words does the average person use in a day?

An educated adult uses 2,000 words a day

How many words do you say in one day?

it depends if your deaf, a talk-a-holic, or a timid person

How many words do you speak a day?

20,001 words a day

How many words do average people today use?

The average person says about 3,000 words every day. Don't ask me how I know this!

Do words have the power to help a person get through hard times?

Words can give the strength needed sometimes- the Bible does it for many every day

Does Romeo speak first before Juliet?

Yes, Romeo speaks first before Juliet. His words: "Is the day so young?"

How many words does the average person speak in a day?

On an average day a women speak about 20,000 words. While men only speak about 7,000 words. Men and women speak and average of about 10,000 words per day. Even people who are considered shy often speak thousands of words per day. 14,000 to 17,000

Who speaks first out of Romeo and Juliet in the play?

Romeo speaks first with the line "is the day so young"

How many words will you use today?

The average person uses 5000 to 15000 spoken words a day, but about 45% of them are the same words repeated. You could easily use 500 words in a single conversation.

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