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The only place I have seen documented research on this is and they say Inferred female and male daily word totals:

male = 6073 words per day

female = 8805 words per day

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How much do you talk?

The average person speaks about 5,000 words per day.

What did William g. harley say about a woman speaking how many words per day and a man?

Harley say about a woman speaking how many words per day ad a man speaks how many words per day

How many words does the average person use in a day?

An educated adult uses 2,000 words a day

How many words does the average person read in a day?


How many words do you say in one day?

it depends if your deaf, a talk-a-holic, or a timid person

Do words have the power to help a person get through hard times?

Words can give the strength needed sometimes- the Bible does it for many every day

How many words do you speak a day?

20,001 words a day

Does Romeo speak first before Juliet?

Yes, Romeo speaks first before Juliet. His words: "Is the day so young?"

How many words does the average person speak in a day?

On an average day a women speak about 20,000 words. While men only speak about 7,000 words. Men and women speak and average of about 10,000 words per day. Even people who are considered shy often speak thousands of words per day. 14,000 to 17,000

how many times should a person fart in a day?


How many words will you use today?

The average person uses 5000 to 15000 spoken words a day, but about 45% of them are the same words repeated. You could easily use 500 words in a single conversation.

Who speaks first out of Romeo and Juliet in the play?

Romeo speaks first with the line "is the day so young"

How many words does the average person hear a day?

Yeah, sorry I can't be more help, but I only know stats for on average how much someone speaks a day. Although, if you consider you listen to many people, and some people you might listen to almost all of their talking for a day, then the stats below are minimal compared to how much you hear.How many words does each person speak in a day?Say two words a second. A Politician or businessman might speak for three hours a day, and halve that for the other person talking and you have the following......2x60x60x3 equals, say 20,000 divided by 2 is 10,000.So we have ten thousand words a day for a talker. For a lonely Nepalese hill farmer without even an Ox to talk to, he might speak 500 words a day. There are many more peasants than captains of industry so average it out at 1,500 words a day per person.Multiply 1,500 words a day by the number of people, 2,000,000,000 and multiply that by the number of days in 1000years, say 350,000.Seems a bit complicated still does it? Alright do 'rounding up and down'Say 1,000,000,000 people at 2,000 words per day, answer two thousand billion words, easy. Multiply that by the days, 350,000 rounded up to 500,000 because we rounded down the population pretty severely.Now 500,000 times two thousand billion. Easy again, halve the two to one and add six noughts......1,000,000,000,000,000One million billion words have been uttered in the last thousand years. Approximately

How many words are they in every day life?

3 words: every, day, life

How many words does a women talk a day and how many does a man say?

I found this on a website, and this is on and average male = 6073 words per day female = 8805 words per day !!

How many words can you make from dfs associate appreciation day?

How many words can you make from dfs associate appreciation day?

Who speaks for God?

AnswersAny Christian who faithfully speaks what God says without fear or dilution. Preachers have this responsibility particularly, but sadly many in our day are not true and faithful proclaimers of what God says.

How many words can you spell from the words thanksgiving day?

Thanks, Giving, Day, Hanks, Hay, Gay, Had, Kids, And more...who knows how many words you can spell?

Where in the bible it's speaks about the day of pentecostal?

The day of pentecost starts in Acts 2.

How many words can be made from Christmas day?

Christmas day

How many nutrient dense meals and snacks should a person consume a day?

It depends on how many calories a person needs a day. Also on what activities the person does daily.

How many words do 2 - year olds learn a day?

10 new words a day

In Romeo and Juliet who speaks first Romeo or Juliet?

First speaks Romeo, in Act I. Scene I. Romeo: "Is the day so young?"

How many meals does the average person eat a day?

The average person eats three meals a day. It is very important to eat at least meals a day but many people do not do this.

How many times a day does a person say the word no?

it depends on the person