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How many words are in the average novel?


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The definition of a novel or book is over 40,000 words.


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Well, about 23,000+ words on average. It can vary. xx <3

The definition of a novel is over 40,000 words..

It really depends on the age. An average adult novel is about 60-80,000 words and a children's novel can be from12,000 to 80,000 depending on the age group it is aimed for

The average novel is 60,000 words. Young adult novels are 40,000 words. Fantasy novels are often much much longer than average.

All books vary on words, especially in a teen's novel. The average words from 60,000 words to 200,000 or more words in a whole novel. For example, if your book has about 20 chapters, you can put about 10,000 words in each chapter.

250 words per page times 400 pages.

Traditionally, a book or novel is defined as being over 40,000 words.

The average word count for a novel is between 70,000words and 120,000 words.

anywhere between 50,000-100,000 words

There were161,774 words in Dracula.There were 27 chapters, so the average word count was nearly 6000 words per chapter.

It depends on the font and the font size of the book. Some novel pages can have as little as 250 words to as much as 600 words.

A poet does not usually use as many words as a short story or novel author.

The standard minimum is 50,000 words, and the average number for a full-length novel peaks somewhere at 90,000, with around 250 words per page in published form.

10,000 words isn't a novel. There would only be around 40 pages, and that's not a novel.

According to, the novel contains 428750 words.

Varies according to the book (Order of the Phoenix is by far the longest), but the average chapter in Philosopher's Stone, for example, is between 3,500 and 5,000 words.

In the novel, there is a combined total of 49,962 words. No idea about the film.

It really depends what book it is.

an above average text novel

It is not measured in pages, it is measured in words. 50,000 words to be specific.

A novel is simply the length of the story. They average about 80,000 words (and can be shorter or longer). There are names for other lengths of story: flash fiction, short story, novella, novel, saga. The more words it takes to tell a story, the more complex the story becomes. Flash fiction is often written with 100 words or less. Short stories start at 500 words. These kinds of stories are straight to the point. A novel is a longer and more complex story.

The average person, in an average lifetime, speaks 370,110,001.3 words on average, averagely speaking.

Shakespeare did not write novels. Ever. The Tempest is not a novel. It is a totally different thing called a play.

I have no idea why you've measured the novel at 6x9 -- most pages contain around 250 words, so you divide 33,000 by 250 to get number of pages.

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