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The definition of a novel or book is over 40,000 words.

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Q: How many words are in the average novel?
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How many words are in an average novel?

Well, about 23,000+ words on average. It can vary. xx <3

How many words are in the average book?

The definition of a novel is over 40,000 words..

How many words are in an average children's novel?

It really depends on the age. An average adult novel is about 60-80,000 words and a children's novel can be from12,000 to 80,000 depending on the age group it is aimed for

How many pages is a short novel?

The average novel is 60,000 words. Young adult novels are 40,000 words. Fantasy novels are often much much longer than average.

How many words fit on a single page of an average novel?

250 words when using a type size 12

How many words are in the average 400 page novel?

250 words per page times 400 pages.

How many words in the average self-help book?

Traditionally, a book or novel is defined as being over 40,000 words.

What is the average length of a novel?

anywhere between 50,000-100,000 words

How many words in Stoker's novel Dracula and what's the average word count for each of its chapters?

There were161,774 words in Dracula.There were 27 chapters, so the average word count was nearly 6000 words per chapter.

Average word count in a book?

The average word count for a novel is between 70,000words and 120,000 words.

What is the average number of words in a typical adult fiction novel?

Roughly 300,000

How many words are on the page of a novel?

It depends on the font and the font size of the book. Some novel pages can have as little as 250 words to as much as 600 words.

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