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Words you can make with the letters in stocking are:

  • stock
  • king
  • sock
  • sick
  • tick
  • stick
  • kin
  • sin
  • tin
  • ton
  • son
  • sing
  • song
  • coin
  • sting
  • on
  • in
  • is
  • it
  • to
  • so
  • go
  • no
  • con
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Q: How many words can you make from stocking?
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What words can rittsskfeugcfsno unscramble into?

The anagram is two words: stocking stuffers.

How many words can you make out of stocking?

stock, king, knit, ton, song, cost, tin, sin, kin, gin, son, cot, knot,sit,got, so, go, in, on

What materials are needed to make a Christmas stocking hanger?

To make a Christmas stocking hanger you will need a hook of some sort to hold the stocking where you wish to place it. You will also need some sort of decorations to decorate it.

How can one make their own stocking stuffer?

One can make their own stocking stuffer by doing a craft that they would like to have in their stocking. It could be a bracelet, earrings, a necklace, or even a CD of music that one wants to listen to.

Where can one find a Christmas stocking pattern?

Your local craft and hobby store should have plenty of designs and patterns of stocking your looking for. They might even have classes and videos on how to make your stocking unique.

How can you get a stocking in harvest moon?

you can either get a stocking from Nina if shes still alive or you just get one when you have a son to get stocking from Nina: in the winter give Nina a ball of yarn (put wool from sheep in yarn maker) once her ap is at least 255 and she will make you a stocking

Did Charity Churchmouse make an appearance in Psalty's Stocking Suffer?

No, she didn't.

How many words could you make out of make?

You can make the words: ma, me, am,

How many words can you make from the make?

Words that can be made from the letters in MAKE are:aammame

Where can you find stocking tops?

Stocking tops can be found at any local major retail store. There are many stores like Sears and Costco that carry stocking tops at a low price that is sure to fit any budget.

What items can be used as Christmas stocking holders?

Almost any type of bag can be used as a Christmas stocking holder. A lightweight bag can used and decorated with Christmas themes or tinsel. One could also make a stocking from sheets or fabric material.

What rhymes with mocking?

Stocking, docking, walking, flocking, locking, talking, nylon stocking, etc. If you need help finding more, go to and type in the word "mocking" for rhyming words.

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