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How many words does the Book of Mormon Have?

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2008-12-03 05:50:58

According to Microsoft Word's count of a doc that I made. The

current electronic version of the Book of Mormon (which is

distributed in many different means:, LDS Library,

Gospelink, Scripture CD-ROM, CES, etc.) has 268,163 words.

That is with all the chapter numbers, verse numbers, and chapter

summaries removed and as one solid paragraph. I know that is not

exactly as the original 1830 Book of Mormon or any other version,

but then every one has been different. You just want to be close,

I'm sure. My doc has 1,150,219 characters with no spaces, and

1,418,073 with spaces.

This is not counting:

The last line, Translated by Joseph Smith Jun.

The Testimonies of Three and Eight Witnesses add another 478


The Introduction

The Testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith

A Brief Explanation about The Book of Mormon

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