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5 people to make one nike shoe.

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Q: How many workers does it take to make one pair of Nike shoes?
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How many workers does it take to make one nike shoes?


How many workers does it take to make nike shoes?


O How many workers does it take to make one pair of Nike shoes?

It is said that five workers are needed to make one pair of Nike shoes, The production labor for the company is $2.75.

What Nike shoes would be suitable to wear to a dance?

There are many Nike shoes that are suitable for dancing. Some of the most popular Nike shoes for dance include the Nike Shox, the Nike QVida and the Nike MC.

How many workers does it take to make one Nike shoe?


How many workers does it take ti make one of Nike shoes?

Around .002 workers per shoe. A miracle of mass production; with the large scale plants and factories nike owns all over china ad the USA its gross shoe output is much much higher than the amount of peoplr it employs. That figure was obtained b dividing nike's total number employees by the amout of shoes it produces.

Who makes the womans shoes with the red soles?

There are many shoe makers that will make women's shoes with red soles. Nike for example will make women's shoes with red soles.

How many shoes does nike make per day?

It is estimated that Nike produces about two hundred thousand pairs of shoes every day. They have production facilities all over the world.

Where can I buy Nike Lunar Glide running shoes for men?

There are many online retailers and websites that sell nike lunarglide shoes. Make sure you check several sites to make sure you are getting the best price.

What is the vission of Nike?

you can check it out in , there is so many nike shoes

Where can you buy nike skate shoes?

Nike skate shoes can be bought from many retailers and stores. Some examples of stores that sell these shoes include Nike Store, Dillard's, and Sports Authority.

Does Niketalk offer reviews of Nike shoes in the forums?

They may likely offer nike talk reviews for Nike shoes in forums. You may want to check out the forums that related to the Nike shoes. Internet provides many reviews also.

Where can a pair of Nike shoes for women be purchased?

Nike shoes for woman can be purchased directly from Nike retail outlets which are available in most cities around the world. In addition to Nike stores, there are many retailers and department stores that also stock the shoes as well as many online stores.

How many shoes does NIKE have?

a lot

How many nike air max shoes are there?


Where can one find cheap Nike shoes?

Cheap Nike shoes can be purchased from many different stores and retailers. Some examples of stores that sell cheap Nike shoes include Footlocker and Eastbay.

Where can one purchase Nike Vandal shoes for men?

There are many places where one can purchase Nike Vandal shoes for men. A good place to purchase Nike Vandal shoes for men is the website "eBay" or "Amazon" on the internet.

How many workers are in nike?

around 800,000

What is a good Nike running shoe?

There are many online retailers and websites that review nike running shoes . Make sure you check several sites to make sure you are getting the best review.

Do you know a site that talks about Nike frees shoes?

The Nike website has many upon many reviews that can assist you well in your inquiry. It also have the specifications of the shoes and gives much information about the Free shoes.

How many types of Nike shoes are there?


How are the reviews for the Nike Free 7.0 v2 running shoes?

Many of the people reviewing the Nike Free 7.0 as well as the Nike Free 7.0 v2 have been completely satisfied with the shoe. The Nike Free 7.0 offers superior traction and is incredibly comfortable. The shoes are made of synthetic materials which make them light.

How many people wear Nike shoes than starter shoes?


What companies make running shoes for women?

There are many different companies that make running shoes for women. Some of them include Nike, ASICS, Reebok, New Balance, Adidas as well as many other brands.

What are the pros and cons of Nike shoes?

Nike shoes are generally considered to be attractive and durable. They are also highly advertised and promoted, and are much higher priced than shoes of comparable quality. For that reason in particular, Nike sneakers are somewhat of a status symbol to many, especially those of college age or younger. Nike shoes are also innovative, introducing a number of new features designed to increase comfort and enhance an athlete's performance. However, there have been many customer complaints, and instances of shoes (such as Nike Shox) failing after little use, and sometimes causing foot injury. In addition, some consumers are not happy about how Nike Inc. does business, employing factory workers in Indonesia, for example, for as low as 23 cents per hour.