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wrong undertaker is not dead

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Q: How many wrestlers from WWE die?
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How many wrestlers in the WWE die?

Most of the WWE wrestlers take steroids and steroids can kill you. WWE wrestlers will die earlier than normal from taking steroids. The WWE wrestlers are trained not to hurt each other. They will not die in the ring! Get your facts straight, no one in the WWE takes steroids anymore they get fined and suspened and fired for it

Did any female WWE wrestlers die recently?


How many wrestlers have died from WWE?

They said 99 wrestlers have died

How many wrestlers are there in wwe?

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) currently has 69 wrestlers (non-wrestlers such as announcers not included) signed to their roster. However, many are either jobbers, currently inactive, or injured.

Who the gay wrestlers in WWE?

There is no homosexual wrestlers in WWE currently.

How many Australian wrestlers have there been in the WWE?

I think there are/were loads of Aussie wrestlers in wwe.. check out it helps

How many WWE wrestlers are married?

a good amount of them

How many WWE wrestlers died in 2009?


How many of the WWE wrestlers the nexus is gay?


Why are so many people leaving WWE and going to tna?

Most reasons are that wrestlers are released from wwe and go to TNA. Other reasons are that wrestlers are not happy with there position in WWE so they go to TNA.

How many wrestlers are in the WWE?

Here I will Tell you 4000 least!!

How many WWE wrestlers were there in 1990?

it was between 47 and 58

How many employees are in the WWE?

over 2000, including wrestlers.

How many hours do WWE wrestlers work?

about 3 hrs

Are there any wrestlers from the WWE who are not married?

There will be too many to name!

Which WWE male wrestlers are single?

A lot of wwe wrestlers are single but the only one i can think of is The Miz. Most of the WWE wrestlers are either married or dating including the Miz he is married to Maryse.

What wrestlers in WWE are dead? this is a list of some but not all, the wwe superstar i miss the most is Eddie Guerrero R.I.P

How much do WWE wrestlers earn a week?

the low end average of a wwe wrestlers income is $2000 a week

Are WWE wrestlers sweet and caring people?

the wwe wrestlers help children for the "make a wish foundation". so quite evidently.

Do any WWE wrestlers have the virus autism?

Autism is NOT a virus, it's a neurone disorder. No, no WWE wrestlers have Autism.

How many wrestlers from India in WWE?

There is only 1 wrestler klhali

How many WWE wrestlers are there?

500 which it is raw smackdoown ecw and tna

How many wrestlers have died in WWE?

In the ring only Owen Hart

How many wrestlers are there in the WWE from the minute it was made until now?


How do you meet WWE wrestlers?

you can find someone of works with the wrestlers then you ask them to take you back stage so you can meet the wrestlers. Sorry the above answer is incorrect. No one is allowed backstage but the wrestlers and WWE employees fans are not allowed backstage