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Rolls or bolts of fabric come in various lengths depending on the manufacturer and the dealers specifications. Generally, in retail fabric stores, the bolts are in 10 yard lengths and each bolt will have the dimensions listed on the end of the bolt. By the way, the width has nothing to do with the amount of fabric on the bolt. Fabric widths vary depending on the type of fabric and the manufacturer, anywhere from 35" up to 120".

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1 1/2 yards x 2 2/3 yards

If a pattern calls for a certain yardage, it is referring to the width, so if you need 2 2/3 yards, this roll will suffice. A standard roll width is 45", so you will have a bit extra.

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36 inches or 1 yard

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Q: How many yards in a roll of fabric that has a width of 44?
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If you have a roll with width 72.835 yards and length 255 yards how many meters squared is that?

Area of roll = 72.835 yd x 255 yd = 18,572.925 yd2 = 15,529.33 m2

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Don't quite understand what you're getting at. -- If you need to cover an area of 208 square feet with fabric, then you need 208 square feet of fabric to cover it, -- If the fabric is coming off a roll, then the length you need to cut off the roll is (208) divided by (width of the roll, in feet). -- It might help in your situation to know that 208 square feet is 23.11 square yards. (rounded)

How much does 1 lineal meter of fabric weigh?

Fabric weight is usually listed as a GSM value. (Grams per square metre) This is the weight for 1 square metre. (1 metre x 1 metre) If fabric is on a roll, measure width of the roll, and multiply by GSM rating to get weight in grams per linear/lineal metre. Examples - GSM rating 500, Roll width 2.5 metre= 1250g or 1.25Kg per linear metre. GSM rating 155, Roll width 3 metre= 465g 0r 0.65Kg per linear metre.

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A bolt of fabric is a quantity of fabric of definite length.

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