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How many years a dog lives?

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Dogs live 12/17 years old

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How long the dogs lives?

A dog usually lives for about 18 years!

How many dog years does a dog live?

Typically, a dog lives for about twelve to fourteen years... But hey!, you never know, your dog just might be one of those unique ones that live for much longer than the average dog.

How long can a dog last?

It depends on the size of the dog, but on average a dog lives to be 8-13 in human years, which is 56-91 in dog years.

What is the average amount of years a dog lives?

12 to 15 human years

How much is 1years old in dog years?

It has been estimate that for every human year a dog lives, it ages by 7 years.

How long was the longest living dog alive in human years?

I think the oldest dog was 28 years old! The average of how long a dog usually lives to be about 14.

Who is older Finn or Jake?

Jake Because He Lives In Dog Years.

How long does a Newfoundland dog live?

it lives from 10-12 years but sometimes 15 years

How old is your 2 month dog in human years?

it is said that one human year is equal to 7 dog years, but that depends on the breed of the dog and how well it lives. You can do the maths.

How long does an indoor dog live?

About 12-15 years. is false. shih tzus live to about 16 years old.the bigger the dog is the less years it lives too.

What is the name of where a dog lives?

A dog lives in a kennel.

How many years is 4 years in dog years?

Animals age at a faster rate then humans do including dogs. To figure out how many years old a dog is in dog years you would need to multiply the actual age by seven. So a dog who is 4 years old would be 28 years old in dog years.

How many dog years are ten years?

70 - 7 dog years in 1 human year

How many dog years is a year?

7 dog years : 1 human year

How many dog years to human?

there are 7 dog years in 1 human year.

How many pages does My Life in Dog Years have?

My Life in Dog Years has 144 pages.

How many years is cat years?

it goes by years if your dog or cat is 1 in people years then its 7 it cat and dog years

Is there a bread of dog lives 40 years?

Unfortunately, I don't think so. I think I remember the oldest dog being 20 years old. But that is super long.

What type of dog lives the longest?

My long haired chihuahua is 12 years old!

If a dog is 1 years old in human years how many years old is a dog in dog years?

it's simple. just multiply the amount of human years by seven. so in this case your dog is seven years old in dog years.hope I've helped.:)

How many dog years are human years?


How many lives does a bunny have?

I am pretty sure bunny's don't have 'LIVES', but what i am catching on is how many years a bunny lives for, and I think they live around 10 or 8 years.

How many years in dog years is it in human years?

there are 7 dog years in one human year my father told me to change it to this

How is a house dog different than a stray dog?

A house dog lives in a house

If your dog is 1 in human years how many is a dog in dog years?

The dog would be 7 if it is 1 year old in human years...they live up to about 13 years old...more or less