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From start to finish, forty-four months. Or, if you prefer, three years and eight months. Makes you wonder why we're still fooling around in Afghanistan after almost twelve years.

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Q: How many years did Americans fight in World War 2?
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How many Americans were sent to fight in Vietnam?

There were approximately 536,100 Americans sent to fight in Vietnam.

How many years did the Native Americans fight for their land?

As of 2009, we have been fighting for our land rights for 517 years, you will die of old age and we will still be fighting your government for them.

Why were many Americans willing to fight the British in the American Revolution?

The British King had risen taxes to the Americans when they were not even part of the American govornment- the Americans were willing to fight for their freedom.

Why did so many African Americans choose to fight?

they fight about mrtin luther king Jr.

How many years did Britain fight in World War 2?

September 1939 to August 1945. That's nearly six years.

Why were many African-Americans Mexican-Americans and Native-Americans willing to fight in world war 2 for the us?

They wanted to prove their loyalty to the United States. They wanted to show that they were fighting and loyal to try to stop discrimination.

Did the Germans help the Americans fight the Nazis in world war 2?

The German soldiers were the Nazi's. The Americans were trying to capture Adolf Hitler because he was a dictator and killed many people in the hallocaust.

Why did many Americans not want to fight during world war 2?

This was the second time in 20 years (WW1) that Europe couldn't handle their problems (and the US had to help them). Again, for the second time, the US felt it wasn't their war.

How many years did the Americans colonized the Philippines?

The Americans colonized the Philippines for about 33-40 years.

For many Americans in the years after World War 2 the American Dream revolved around?

For many Americans in the years after World War 2 the American Dream revolved around home ownership. People wanted a nice home and nice things, since the country was more prosperous.

Where did the US fight battles in World War 2?

That is a very good question. For several years before the war, most Americans wanted to stay out of any conflicts in Europe. This opinion was referred to as "Isolationists". When the Japanese attacked the US Navy base at Pearl Harbor, then most Americans wanted revenge. This is similar to how many Americans felt after 9-11 attack on the World Trade Center. Many men joined the Army to go fight. However, many of these men went to fight in Europe and not Japan. For the most part, most of them felt like they were fighting to bring Freedom and Democracy to the countries that had been occupied by the ruthless leaders of Japan and Germany.

How many years did the Americans stayed in the Philippines?

100 years

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