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On average, Tasmanian devils in the wild live for 6 years.

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Q: How many years does a Tasmanian devil live in the wild?
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How many feet does a Tasmanian devil have?

Being a mammal, and a marsupial, a Tasmanian Devil has four feet.

How many legs does a Tasmanian devil have?

The Tasmanian Devil is a mammal, therefore it has four legs

How many heart chambers does a Tasmanian devil have?

Being a mammal, the Tasmanian devil has a four-chambered heart.

How many people have died from a Tasmanian devil?


How many animals are endangered in Tasmania?

the Tasmanian devil

How many eggs does the Tasmanian devil lay?


How many toes does a Tasmanian devil have?

The Tasmanian devil has five toes on each of its front paws and four toes on each of its back feet.

How many species are there of Tasmanian Devils?

There is just one species of Tasmanian Devil: Sarcophilus Harissii.

Why do Tasmanian devils only live in Tasmania?

They previously lived in Tasmania as well as on the Australian mainland. However, they became extinct on the mainland 3,000 years ago. Currently, the Tasmanian devil is the largest carnivorous marsupial in the world. The reason Tasmanian devils now live only in Tasmanian is because they were essentially forced out by the dingo. The Aborigines came over from Asia many thousands of years ago, and brought this non-native carnivorous mammal with them. Both animals were at the top of the food chain, but the dingo was larger and stronger, and proved too much competition for the Tasmanian devil.

How many species of Devil are there?

There is just one species of Tasmanian Devil: Sarcophilus Harissii.

How many teeth does a Tasmanian devil have?

Tasmanian devils have 42 teeth. These teeth keep growing, and are not replaced during a Tasmanian devil's lifespan, so this marsupial has just one set of teeth through its lifetime. However, the teeth do wear down, and by about 5 years old, the degeneration of the teeth can impact upon the Tasmanian devil's ability to hunt and compete with others for food.

How many Tasmanian devils were there in 2010?

There are no current figures for Tasmanian devil numbers. The most recent figures are from 2009, the year that the Tasmanian devil was listed as an "endangered" species. Figures from late 2009 indicate that, in recent decades, the Tasmanian Devil's population has dropped by 70% to an estimated 45,000 - 50,000 Tasmanian Devils in the wild.

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