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How many years does it take for the energy from the suns core to reach the surface?

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It takes about 1,000,000 [1] years, on average. for a photon to travel from the Suns core to the surface. Neutrons make the same passage in seconds.

This is because the density is so great at those depths, that there is always something in the way to prevent the photon from getting to the surface. A bit like a "mad" pinball machine. The photon is bounced this way and that, sometimes back to where it started.

  1. Estimates range from 17,000 years to 50 million years. [See related link]
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How long does it take energy generated in the Sun's core to reach the Sun's surface?

I'm not sure exactly but it takes about a million years for the energy made in the core of the sun to reach the sun's surface.

How long does it take energy produced in sun's core to reach sun's surface?

1,000,000 earth years.

How long does it take Photons at the core to the surface?

It can take up to 200,000 years to reach the surface

How long does it take from the energy of the fusion in sun's core to reach earth?

The energy Generated in the Core can take anything from 10,000 to 170,000 years to reach the Suns surface as it is constantly bounced about inside before it finally makes it all the way out. Then it only takes about 8 minutes to reach us.

How long does the energy produced in a star take to reach the earth?

From the core, photons take about a million years to reach the surface. From there, they are free to travel and only take just over 8 minutes to reach the Earth.

What does the heat from the Earth's core do?

It attempts to reach the surface of the Earth.

How does energy produced in the core reach the sun surface?

Mainly by radiation - however, the radiation quickly gets absorbed by an atom, and re-emitted, so it takes quite a while to reach the surface. In the outer part of the Sun, the energy also gets transported through convection.

What energy is stored in the sun?

The intense heat and light generated by nuclear fusion in the sun's core is stored there until it slowly works it's way to the sun's surface and travels outward into space. Astronomers believe that the heat of a ton of hydrogen fused into helium in the sun's core today will not reach the outer surface of the sun for 200,000 years yet.

How is energy transferred from the core to the surface of the sun by convection?

By convection

Where energy on earths surface comes from?

The sun & the Earth's core.

How does heat energy move from the core to surface?

By radiation, conduction and convection.

What happens to the energy from the suns rise that reach earth?

it goes into the inner core.

Why is the center of the sun hotter than the surface?

The nuclear reactions creating our Sun's energy all take place in the core. This energy then radiates outward to the surface. If you do some simple geometry, you'll see that the intensity of the energy from these nuclear reactions must be lower at the surface than at the core, where that energy starts. Lower energy intensity, lower temperature.

How is energy transported from the core to the surface of the sun by radiation and by convection?

i dont now

What are the two sources of energy that heat Earth's surface?

The sun and the earth's core.

What layer of the sun has hot and cool gas circulate bringing the suns energy to the surface?


What core produces sunlight?

The core of the sun does not produce any sunlight, the surface of the sun does.Photons are produced in the core as gamma rays at a temperature of about 15 million Kelvin, being absorbed and reemitted repeatedly by atoms, cooling along the way, take from 10,000 years to 170,000 years to reach the surface as visible light at a temperature of about 4000 Kelvin to 6000 Kelvin. As the reemitted photon is usually not the same energy as the one absorbed by the atom (usually lower energy and thus cooler), it is reasonable to assume it is actually a different photon (although being bosons photons are all identical and indistinguishable).Once emitted on the surface of the sun photons that arrive on earth as sunlight take only 8 minutes to complete this final trip.

Facts about the inner core?

The Inner core is the last layer in the earth surface and is what gives the earth its magnetic field. the outer core is liquid nickel and iron but the inner core is 80% solid iron and 20% solid nickel,gold,platinum, and uranium. the inner core is so far in the earth surface we can not reach it we can tell its there by seismic waves.

what is a surface we walk on a rhymes of core?


What two energy transport mechanisms in order from outside the core to the surface are found in the sun?

Radiation, convection

Describe what is the Sun's Radiative Zone?

Energy produced in the core of the Sun travels to the outer regions by radiation and later convection. Because the region surrounding the core of the Sun is slightly cooler than the core, the energy created in the core is transported in the form of radiation. Atoms in this zone absorb energy and emit the energy as radiation. In this manner, the energy created in the core is transported through the radiation zone. After the radiation zone, the energy is transported through convection to be released at the surface of sun.

What is a surface we walk on that rhymes with core?


Suns core releases heat by what process?

Our sun release energy by a process called convection. Inside the star, energy is transported towards the surface through radiation, but about 1/3 of the outer layer of the star is markedly cooler than the core and the energy is transported by convection from the core to this layer.

How and where is geothermal energy generated?

Geothermal energy continually flows outward from within the earth. This heat energy comes mostly from the core, where temperature may reach 7000°C. The earth's crust is 5 to 75 km thick, and the heat can be used as an energy source where it is available near the surface because there is a thin crust or a fracture zone.

Could releasing of geothermal energy from within the Earth's core cause a geological implosion of the Earth or in other words suck the surface of the Earth into its own core?

No. The Earth has been in the process of cooling for over 4.5 billion years. Use of some of that heat for a supply of geothermal energy is incredibly insignificant in that process.