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Q: How many years does some need to have citizenship in Dubai with continuos stay?
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How many years of citizenship should one have t become a representative?

Five years of citizenship are required at a minimum. This allows one to be a candidate or eligible to vote.

How many years can someone file for citizenship if spouse dies before getting his green card?

How many years after can someone file for his citizenship if his spouse died before himgetting his green card? She was us citizen

How many years of marriage to us citizen before applying for citizenship?

you dont have to be married for many years as soon as you get marriend you can go for your citizenship papers it will take atleast 5months at the most for them to come back

How many African citizens live in Dubai?

None. There is no such thing as a 'citizen' of Africa. You can only be a citizen of a legal entity called a country and while Africa is continent made up of many countries the continent is not a legal entity which can bestow citizenship.

How many years does it take to become a citizen?

Answer: If you are married to an American citizen than you have to wait 3 years before you can file for citizenship otherwise you have to wait 5 yrs. The citizenship process can take up to 1yr.

How many miles to Dubai?

How many miles from London to Dubai please?

Atleast how many days should we live in uk to get the citizenship and is it important to live those days continuosly?

You are required to live in the UK for at least 10 years in order to get the citizenship and is it important to live those years continuously.

How many square kilometers in Dubai?

Dubai is 4,114 km2

How many miles are between Chicago and Dubai?

How many miles between chicago and dubai

What is the country with the quickest citizenship after marriage?

Italy and Spain after a couple of years of marriage. But you must fulfill many other requirements (e.g. language ability, losing your previous nationality if they ask you and etc.) and the wait is as long as two years after you apply for citizenship.

How many acres does Dubai have?

Dubai covers an area of 1,016,576 acres.

How many square miles is Dubai?

Dubai is 1,588sqmi ( 4,114km 2)