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Charles Schumer has served as the U.S. Senator from New York since January 3, 1999.

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Q: How many years has Charles schumer been senator?
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Charles Schumer is a US senator for which US state?

Charles Schumer is the senior senator for the state of New York. He has been in office since 1998 running as a Democrat. Schumer is from New York City.

Who is the brooklyn senator?

As of 2021, the Brooklyn senator in the United States Senate is Charles Schumer. He has been serving as a senator for New York since 1999 and is currently the Majority Leader in the Senate.

How long has chuck schumer been a senator?

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How long has Charles schumer been in senate?

Who is the US Senator in New York in 2008?

New York's two senators (September 2009) are Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand. Senator Gillibrand was appointed to replace Hillary Rodham Clinton when she joined President Obama's Cabinet.Read more: Name_2_senators_in_new_york

Who is Iowa's Republican senator?

Senator Charles Grassley,who has been in the U.S. Senate since 1972.

Why has senator Christopher Dodd Barney Frank and Charles Schumer not been charged in the failure of wall street and the American congress Is it because the are Evil Socialists?

Yes. Don't forget Sen. Obama, the most Liberal and second highest bribed behind Chris Dodd.

How many years has Joe Biden been a US Senator?

he has been a u.s. senator for 36 years

Number a years a senator must have been a citizen?

A senator can serve in the United States Senate for six years. The Senator must have been a citizen of the US for at least seven years.

How can one senator hold up a nomination like Chuck Schumer of New York is doing now?

No. He is not holding up a nomination. So far, 5 people have been confirmed to their posts.

Number of years a senator must have been a citizen?

9 years

Why havv the republican senators like Christopher Dodd Barney frank Charles Schumer Not been charged in the failue of wall streetr?

Are you THAT ignorant?! Christopher Dodd, Barney Frank and Charles Schumer are DEMOCRATS!!! NO WONDER Obama won the election with dingbats like you not even knowing that all three of those males(not men) are DEMOCRATS! WAKE UP!!