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8-12 years of college, plus when I'm older i want to be a surgeon

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you have to go to collage for 7 9 years!!!!

4 collage 4 medical school 3 to 6 residency

he was in collage for 3 years!! Tomas Jefferson was in collage for 4 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the full time we are in the collage must be a social worker

8-11 years minimum in "residence" in a surgeon college

I think you have to spend approx. 5 or 6 years in collage to become a CSI.

It takes you 4 years of collage.

If you can't spell college, I wouldn't advise going for the plastic surgeon bit.

4 years of collage. To be a scientist.

You get paid for as many years as you are working as a brain surgeon, as well as pension if you pay into one or receive it as a benefit.

You will have to go to collage for 4 or more to be a teacher. Must have masters degree.

A surgeon of two years will have the same standard as a surgeon of 20 years, but he certainly will have 18 years less experience.

4 years because they have to be good lawyers

The standard four years of college in communications.

you dont have to go to collage to be a dentist go outside and sit on the porch

to be a heart surgeon you would need to be in college for about 15-18 years give or take a few.

None. They must be a minimum of 20 years old.

from what i know about college i heard its about 4-6 years