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How many years would it take to become a child psychologist?


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it would take about four to five years.


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Typically, a child psychologist has obtained a doctoral degree and is licensed. It would take four years for the bachelor's degree and an additional four years for the doctorate.

To the question of how many years of school in most school u have 2 in in school for 4 years learing everything that u need to kno about becoming a child psychologist....

Basically seven years of college courses and a year of internship.

That would be after the six years you would need for your Ph.D.

In order to become a child psychologist you would first have to complete your training at a College or University to get your degree. Upon graduation you can expect to earn approximately $30,000 annually as a new grad. With years of experience you can earn up to approximately $100,000 per year.

In order to become a psychologist you must have psychology degree. It usually takes at least six years.

Typically, a clinical psychologist has obtained a doctorate, and is licensed. It would take four years for the bachelor's degree, and an additional four years to obtain the doctorate with the appropriate specialization.

Although it MAY be possible to become a developmental psychologist with a MA in psychology or child psychology, it is more probable that you will need to attain a PhD. (This amounts to 7-8 years of higher education, on average)

Law school is not required to be a psychologist. You have to attend medical school for that.

In order to become a psychologist you must major and graduate with a degree in psychology. Depending on the type of psychologist you wish to be your schooling may or may not be longer than eight years.

It takes at least 11 years after high school to become a psychologist:4 years of college4 years of medical school3 years of residencyThe above answer is the correct length of time and steps required in school to become a psychiatrist, who are also medical doctors. However, to become a psychologist usually requires a masters degree (MSc) and a Doctorate (PhD) in psychology or a related field. This would involve 8-10 years of schooling consisting of 4 years of undergraduate college or university, 1-2 years for a masters degree and 3-4 years for a PhD. Following this schooling you would be required to take specialty exams to become a certified psychologist.People used to be able to attain the title of psychologist with only a masters degree, but this is not very common anymore.

approximately five if you start from scratch.

The minimum educational requirement for a psychologist is a master's degree, however most all licensed practicing psychologists have a doctorate which would take approximately four years post bachelor's degree.

you need to go to college for 4-8 years to become a psychologist.

The minimum educational requirement for a psychologist is a master's degree. However, most psychologists in private practice have a doctorate, and are certified and licensed. The master's would take approximately two to three years beyond a bachelor's degree. The doctorate would take approximately four years post bachelor's degree.

i think 3 years...not sure but it is ususally a minimum of 3 years for post graduates...

It takes many years to become a psychologist. This is because you have to learn a lot of information about the brain.

To become a school psychologist, most people need at least a master's degree, which takes around 6 years. While a general psychology degree is helpful, it is usually required to take a large number of graduate school courses in school psychology. So, a person wishing to become a school psychologist would be well advised to get their degree in their specialty area.

According to one of my psychology professors four years ago, the projected cost of becoming a licensed psychologist was around $250,000.

It depends on the individual and not how many years they have been in the field. You can be a psychologist for 25 years and still not be reliable. A good reputation comes over time, and that varies from psychologist to psychologist.

Typically, the minimum educational requirement is a master's degree which would take two to three years post bachelor's degree. However, most psychologist within this field and those who are involved with meaningful and authoritative research have a doctorate degree which takes approximately four years post bachelor's degree. So could someone let me know the total amount of years of school I would need to finish before I could be a forensic psychologist

At least a 4 year under-grad study at a university followed by 2 years post-grad study. The actual courses that you take with your post-grad studies will help alot, such as a child and family course.

Fairly old because you would have to raise your children (that is at least 20 years), they would have a child ( that makes a grandparent). The child would have a child ( that makes a great grandparent) and the child would have a child ( this makes a great great grandparent), so this is at least 80 years if each reached 20 before having a child.

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