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about 6 months then. but now she has had her baby she got pregnant in october. do the math.

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If you got pregnant on April 17th when is your due date?

count 9 months from april

What day did get pregnant if baby is due April 12?

Can you count nine months backwards?

Is Britney Spears older than Kelly Clarkson?

Britney Spears (b. December 2, 1981) is four months older than Kelly Clarkson (b. April 24, 1982).

If your due date is April 7th is it possible to have gotten pregnant on July 7th?

Yes If you are due in April, going 9 months back, that means you got pregnant in July.

You got your menses on march 2nd then April 3rd and then on may 2nd within a day it stopped how many months pregnant are you?

If you had your period in march, april, and may, then you aren't many months pregnant. You can't be pregnant while having your period. You obviously are too ignorant to be having sex. Babies aren't toys.

When was Aries Spears born?

Aries Spears was born on April 3, 1975.

When was Marc Spears born?

Marc Spears was born on April 22, 1972.

Is shia labeouf pregnant?

shia labeouf is actually 5 months pregnant and is due around April time. a girl is expected and will be called rané :)

When was Jamie spears born?

Jamie Lynn Spears was born on April 4, 1991.

When was Vida Spears born?

Vida Spears was born on April 8, 1956, in USA.

When is Jamie spears birthday?

Jamie Lynn Spears was born April 4, 1991 to Jamie and Lynne Spears. With older sister Britney Spears and her big brother Bryan Spears.

When was Jamie Lynn Spears born?

Jamie Lynn Spears was born on April 4, 1991.

Does Britney Spears have siboling?

Yes. She has 2, an older brother named Bryan Spears (born April 19, 1977) and a younger sister named Jamie Lynn Spears (born April 4 1991).

Is Jamie Lynn Spears 18?

Jamie Lynn Spears will turn 20 on April 4 in 2011.

How old is Aries Spears?

Aries Spears is 42 years old (birthdate: April 3, 1975).

How many months from April 1993 to April 2018?

300 months.

If you got pregnant on 23 July 2006 and received the baby on 5 April 2007 how many weeks were you pregnant?

Yu would ave been pregnant for 8 months 18 days roughly =] Xo Kat

How many singles have Britney Spears got?

As of April 27, 2009, Britney Spears has released 32 singles.

How many months start with the letter a?

There are 2 months that start with the letter 'A' those months are April and August

How old is Jamie Lynn Spears?

Jamie Lynn Spears is 26 years old (birthdate: April 4, 1991).

When is Jamie lyn spears birthday?

Jamie Lynn Spears was born on April 4, 1991. She is 21 and will be 22 in 2012. :)

Is Jamie spears 22?

Jamie Lynn Spears was born April 4, 1991 and is currently 20 years old.

When was Susana Spears born?

Susana Spears was born on April 29, 1982, in Prague, Czechoslovakia [now Czech Republic].

When did you get pregnant if your due date is on April 27?

i believe somewhere in August because during pregnancy, it takes nine months for the baby to be due.

How long will a beaver stay pregnant?

Gestation lasts about three months and females have one litter of kits a year between April and June.

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