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Squid have eight arms and two longer tentacles.


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The vampire squids have two tentacles which are referred to as their retractile filaments. Also, Vampire squids have 8 arms.

Squid tentacles are on squids, and octopus arms are on octopi.

Squids mouths are located at the base of their tentacles. They pull food into their mouth with their tentacles.The tentacles grab the fish or small animal, and draw it into the squid's mouth.

Squids only have 6 tentacles and have more of a pointed head then the octopus who has 8 tentacles and a rounded head.

They use their tentacles to ensnare prey and draw them to its mouth.

do tentacles of squids grow back?

Squids have four pairs of arms and a pair of tentacles. The tentacles are longer than the arms. The tentacles perform the function of grabbing prey and holding on to it. There are hooks on the arms as well as the tentacles of squids but the ones on the tentacles can swivel while those on the arm cannot. These help squids hold on to their prey better while the prey tries to escpe. Suckers are present on both the arms as well as the tentacles of squids, though the ones on the arms are bigger.

No, squids and the octopus do. A shark is a fish.

In the center between the tentacles

yes,most cephalopods like squids & octopus can regrow tentacles

The tentacles serve as a mean to catch prey and suffocate it so do the arms

Squids use their tentacles for propulsion.

Octopuses, squids, and cuttlefishes are some.

Tentacles= tent-tea-cals

How squids go to the bathroom is out of there tentacles

the squids special features is its tentacles because it can squeeze large things like a wale

They have 8 arms and 2 tentacles. Not 8 arms

Tentacles belong to squids and octopus.

they blast ink at them or squeeze them with their tentacles

Squids use their tentacles to reach out and grab their prey. They then pull their prey into its beak (mouth) at the bottom of the head.

The suckers on the arms are all over and the suckers on the tentacles are just on the tips

Squids have 6 tentacles, 2 of which are called arms, which they use to grab prey. So in all they have 8

So they can move them selves or else they would be just a ball

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