How mercury functions in a thermometer?


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Mercury, like most substances, expands when it gets hotter and contracts when it gets colder. A mercury thermometer is designed so that the volume of the mercury can be accurately observed, as the mercury rises or falls in a marked column.

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A mercury thermometer is used to measure temperature.

to tell old people that have a mercury thermometer what the temperature is

Mercury is the metal in a thermometer.

A clinical thermometer will offer more precise calibrated readings than a mercury thermometer. The range of measurable temperature differs between a clinical and a mercury thermometer with the mercury thermometer having the wider range.

Clinical thermometer use mercury to measure temperature. Digital thermometer do not use mercury to measure.

The mercury thermometer was invented Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit in 1714.

Temperature affects the amount the mercury is spread out. Heat causes most liquids to expand, which is how a thermometer works. As heat around the glass protecting the mercury of the thermometer rises, the mercury expands and covers more room in the thermometer.

A mercury thermometer measures the temperature by the amount that the mercury expands with a high temperature and contracts with low temperatures.

mercury is element #80 on the periodic table of element. If the mercury inside a thermometer isn't pure, it will not provide a very accurate reading. Therefor, the mercury in a thermometer is an element, not a compound.

The mercury thermometer was invented Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit in 1714.

Mercury the liquid inside thermometer is mercury.. but it is called thermometric liquid.

If a Mercury Thermometer breaks you must go to the hospital very fast!

If the liquid in a thermometer is red it is not mercury, it is alchohol which has been colouired.

Which thermometer is most suitable for measuring boiling point of water mercury or alcoholic thermometer

Some examples are Mercury Thermometer, Alcohol thermometer and digital thermometer.

The mercury thermometer was invented Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit in 1714.

Mercury works very well in thermometers. The problem is when the thermometer breaks: mercury is quite toxic.

the liguid inside the thermometer is Mercury.

Any thermometer with mercury in it.

The disadvantage of mercury is his toxicity.

Digital thremometer is shows digit and run by electric or cells mercury thermometer is shows mercury up and down. when temperature low and down.

A mercury thermometer can go down to -30 deg C

Mercury is used in thermometers. The mercury is the red substance in the thermometer that rises when you put it in your mouth.

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