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Q: How might a person exhibit supineness and venality?
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How might a person not exhibit positive feedback communications?

By looking away

How might a person exhibit positive feedback?

Bradley foster loves Brandon

How might a person exhibit positive feedback communicaation?

by saying nothing and staring at them blankly.

What are the signs and symptoms of sexually connotative?

There are various manifestations that a person might manifest if he/she is suffering of being a sexual connotated person. A person might exhibit signs that of an exhibitionist and/or a sign of being psychotic. Being a sexually connotative person especially if those symptoms are manifested by psychosis, there might be a history of repeated sexual abuse during childhood or that certain sexual abuse was not being coped up by the victim itself, with that, it had traumatized him/her psychologically.

What is the synonym for the word exhibit?

You did not specify if you mean the noun of the verb. An exhibit is a show or display. You might also say an array or a pageant. A presentation would be another form of exhibit. You could also use the term spectacle or fanfare.

What might you find odd about the world's largest art exhibit in stockholm?

It's underground.

How do you get a shark to eat a person in zoo tycoon 2?

sorry if this doesn't work it just might work on my game. First you block the entrance of the water exhibit. Then you pick up a person and drop him/her into the water. then you purchase a shark and drop it close to the person. it should swim up to the person and create a cloud of dust and water.

What else might you find odd about the world's longest art exhibit which is housed in Sweden?

It's underground

How might a person exhibit positive feedback communication?

Positive feedback increases the original stimulus. An example is labor contractions. The initial contraction signals the body to release hormones that increase the frequency and intensity of subsequent contractions.

What diagnosis might be given to a boy who has begun to exhibit repetitive mannerisms such as facial twitches blinking grimacing and snorting?

tourette syndrome

How has the rest of the world been reacting to the killing in Darfur?

I would say most would exhibit pity, disgust and general hatred for the person(s) respondsible; others might sypathieze with the murderer, after all everyone has a mother and father, regardless of who they are. Others might see it as encouragement to do wrong and try to imitate it, It's all how you look at it.

What do you think the person might be?

what do you think the person density in the persons body might be?