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lala that's what I think

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How might an earthworm's lack of appendages be an adaptation to burrowing?

the seate helps them move and no arms and legs just make them a worm.

How might an earthworm lack of appendages be an adaptation to burrowing?

Consider this, if a human tried to burrow underground, after extending our arms we wouldn't be able to pull them back. The holes are only bug enough for their bodies. Our legs would end up dragging behind us because, once again, the cavern would be too small to use them. In a way, the worms lack of appendages helps it to move more smoothly and elimenates a great deal of lag.

How many pairs of appendages a bird have?

The only paired things you might call appendages are its legs and wings.

What might happen to the soil if there were no earthworms?

Dead plants and animals would pile up if it were not for the earthworms.

How do you gather earthworms in winter time?

If it is a rainy day some might show up. You can buy earthworms too.

How do earthworms camouflage them self?

Earthworms can adapt with the dirt. If a earthworm is in your garden you might not be able to see it. That is because it is blending into its surroundings (adapt).

What effect do small burrowing animals and earthworms have on the rocks and soil in the ground?

The worms help the soil, thus helping plants. They eat food that you throw out, and their body waste helps the soil. They break down minerals into forms that are more easily used by plants. Small burrowing animals sometimes eat things that might damage plant roots, which helps plants too. This affects us because it makes our food from the plants healthier.

Do earthworms sing?

this is tricky and earthworms might sing you will never know I'm not a sciences tip of person so sorry ( but i don't think they could sing

What might you look like without your skeleton?

A blob on the floor, with four appendages.

What kind of appendages do arthopods have?

Due to the rigidity of the arthropod exoskeleton, the safest answer might be "jointed' ones - hence the phylum's name Arthropoda, from the Greek, meaning, jointed appendages. They do evidence a variety of appendages: legs, pincers, wings, swimmerets, antennae, tails, etc., depending on what environment and food source they are adapted to.

What might a series of helpful variations in a species result in?


What is an adaptation that a desert rabbit might have?

sharp claws for digging

Why is adaptation important?

Animals need to adapt or they might die of hunger, dehydration, or they might freeze to death.

What might have been an advantageous adaptation for the jack rabbit?

I and II only

Are worms smooth?

Earthworms might look smooth but they have bristles, called setae, that help to hold them in their tunnels.

What is a shark's behavioral adaptation?

Well one adaptation might be trying to reproduce with other sharks so the cycle can move on... as behavioral adaptation is the behaviors of a plant or animal that helps it survive in its environment. I hope this helps!

What are adaptations of the snake?

A snake's main adaptation to life is its very form. With no legs,arms,ears and other appendages, it can slither through grass or among rocks without causing disturbance that might frighten prey. It can enter narrow holes in the ground made by rodents and other small mammals, find those animals and eat them.

What might be one adaptation of an organism that lives in a river?

a curved tail to swim faster

What is adaptation an animal might have to live in the Arctic?

some animals have blubber others have fur

What would happen if earthworms went extinct?

If earthworms died out, there will be many effects! It may be that we have worse farming. Or it might be like we all die from bad pollution. We cannot predict the future, we hope and doubt. A life lesson from the heart!

What to feed baby bullfrogs?

You can feed them small crickets and small meal worms. They might even eat smaller earthworms.

An animal that might use mimicry adaptation that resides in the coral reef?

False clownfish exist.

What is a good sentence that uses the word adaptation?

Adaption is a form of the word adaptation. Adaptation is the preferred form of the word.An example sentence might be:Marvin wears sweaters during the summer due to his slow adaption to the new, cooler, climate.

What is a desert snake's prey?

Depending on the species of snake, it might be lizards, toads, earthworms, small mammals, birds or even other snakes.

Is music by Mozart Bach and Chopin royalty free?

Yes, it was never covered by copyright. However a particular recording of it might be copyrighted as an adaptation and that might have royalties.