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Q: How military education has impacted an historical event in the United States?
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What was Ulysses s grants education?

Ulysses S. Grant went to United States Military Academy for his education

What percent of secondary student education does the United States military pay for?

The United States military pays no more than 5 percent of secondary student education. It varies sometimes though.

What has the author Robert Lindley Sloane written?

Robert Lindley Sloane has written: 'Predicting athletic success at the United States Military Academy' -- subject(s): Military Physical education and training, Physical education and training, Military, United States Military Academy

Where did Confederate President Jefferson Davis receive his military education?

Jefferson Davis received his education and military training at the United States Military Academy at West Point.A few years before the Civil War began, Davis was the United States Secretary of War under President Franklin Pierce.

What was dwights d. eisenhowers education?

Public Schools and 1915 graduation from the United States Military Academy

What was Ulyssess S Grant's education like?

Grant was a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point.

What has the author Curtis Jay Bonk written?

Curtis Jay Bonk has written: 'Applying collaborative and e-learning tools to military distance learning' -- subject(s): Distance education, Education, Military life, Soldiers, United States, United States. Army 'Empowering online learning' -- subject(s): Internet in higher education, Computer-assisted instruction, OverDrive, Education, Nonfiction

What has the author George Frederich Ekstrom written?

George Frederich Ekstrom has written: 'Historical development of agricultural education in the United States prior to 1917' -- subject(s): Agricultural education, History

How long did Robert Edward Lee receive his military education?

He graduated from the United States Military Academy at Westpoint(1825-1829),and then 30 years of education by experience in the Engineer Corps in the U.S. Army before resigning his commission(in 1861) to offer his service to his home state of Virginia during the War Between the States.

What did Airplanes impacted in United States in the 1920s?


Immigrants impacted the industrialization of the United States in the early 1800s by?

representing an increase in the available labor force.

Where were city states?

The first city states were probably the greek city states such as Athens, Sparta and Delphi. note: the city of Athens depended on trade and education the spartens depended on military and Delphi depened on religion