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An average adult breathes about 0.5 L of air per breath at rest. Normal air contains ~ 0.03 % of CO2 which gets enriched to 4 % of exhaled air. The difference, 3.97 % is what you exhaled. One mole of air at room temperature have a volume of ~22.4 L (use ideal gas equation p*V=n*R*T, p=pressure [bar], V=volume, n=amount in mole, R=ideal gas constant, T=temperature [Kelvin]). 1 mole CO2 is equivalent to 44 g.

So, 0.5 L*(1 mole /22.4 L)*(44 g / mole) = 0.982 g

One breath therefore contains ~ 1 g of exhaled CO2

Note: Some of the gases are not ideal (mostly CO2), the volume of one breath depends on the person (sex, age, fitness, size) and the activity. It can be up to 2 L at least. But it is just an approximation anyways.

Btw - 1 kWh of electricity cost about 600 g of CO2. An average light bulb of 60 W therefore gives rise to the production of 10 g CO2 / s during use (not counting its production or disposal).


If one breath is 4% CO2 and 1 breath is 0.5 liter, Mass of CO2 = 0.04*0.5 L* (1/22.4) mol/liter* 44 g/mol * (273 K/310 K) = 0.035 g/breath, not 1 g/breath. Body temp is 37 oC = 310 K, but that's a minor point.

If 1kWh results in 600 g of CO2, 60 Watts leads to 60W*600 g/kWH *(1/3600) h/sec *(1/1000) kw/W= .01 grams/second of CO2 not 10 g/sec. Otherwise people may feel guilty about breathing.


some serious problems with the decimal place in the original answer. atmospheric content co2 is roughly 350 PPM or .00035, less than the original answer by several orders of magnitude. maybe that's why all the histeria about global warming, smoking in the boys room during middle school math....

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Q: How much CO2 is emitted per breath?
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How much CO2 does a train emmit?

18 & 1/2 tons per second. All in all there's about 2875640 Billion tons of co2 emitted everyday.

How much CO2 does a motorbike produces every km?

Doesn't the driver ( and any passengers ) in the car emit CO2 as well, so you are not comparing like with like.You must compare CO2 from Car, driver and passengers with CO2 emitted by cyclist to be more accurate.You will need to divide the CO2 for car driver and passenger by number of occupants of car to get CO2 per person per journey

How much CO2 is exhaled by the average human each year?

It would depend on the person's size and how active they are. Find the CO2 rates for an hour during sleep and being awake, multiply them by whatever you need and you'll figure out an annual estimate. However, a rough estimate (curtesy of "The Earth Blog") assuming 12 breaths per minute (resting breath rate) is 500kg The number is easy to estimate: breaths per minute x CO2 per breath x minutes per year From Wiki - the breath rate is 12 to 25 per minute. Size of breath is 500 mL. Percent CO2 exhaled is 4% so CO2 per breath is approx 0.04g ( 2g/L x .04 x .5l). CO2 Per year= 12 x 0.04 x 525600 (minutes per year) = 252kg/yr CO2 (25 breaths) = 525 Kg/yr. So - pick a number between 252 Kg/yr and 525Kg/yr 1000 lbs/year is a good figure of merit.

How much CO2 per person?


How much CO2 does Japan emit per year?

Too much !

How much co2 does a hummer produces in a year?

A Hummer parked in a garage emits almost zero CO2 over the course of a year. The Hummer H2 gets around 10 to 12 mpg. Assuming the typical owner drives 15,000 miles per year, that is around 1300 gallons of gas. Each gallon of gas burned results in 14 pounds of CO2. Multiplying these last two figures we get 9.5 tons of CO2 emitted per year, per Hummer, on average.

How does an automobile using 11.5 barrels of oil create 5 tons of carbon dioxide?

To obtain the number of grams of CO2 emitted per gallon of gasoline combusted, the heat content of the fuel per gallon is multiplied by the kg CO2 per heat content of the fuel. The average heat content per gallon of gasoline is 0.125 mmbtu/gallon and the average emissions per heat content of gasoline is 71.35 kg CO2/mmbtu.

How much CO2 is in coke?

coca cola can contain anywhere between 4-7 grams of CO2 per ml.

How much CO2 does the UK produce in a year?

The UK produces about two per cent of the world's CO2 emissions. Only two per cent of the UK's CO2 emissions derive from private motorised transport.

If you breathe out 1.01 moles of CO2 in a week what would be the mass of CO2 that you would have breatheed out in grams?

1 Mol of CO2 is 44g, so 1.01Mol*44(g/mol) = 44.44g However, the average human breath contains roughly 1g of CO2 per breath (assuming 0.5 L of air inhaled then exhaled) We can assume an average breathing rate of 12 breaths per minute. In 1 week (7 days/168 Hours/10,080 Minutes) we have approximately 120,960 breaths per week, at an average of 1 gram per breath we will have about 120.96 kg in a week or 3.145 metric tons per year, to put that in perspective, your average car produces less in the same time frame assuming you drive a modern small car about 1,000 miles per month. 2,200,000,000,000 tons of CO2 per year if you take just people into account (7 billion)

How much co2 is produced from a Gj of natural gas?

Depending on the source of natural gas. Approximately 51kg of CO2 per GJ.

How much CO2 does an acre of rainforest absorb?

It depends upon the age of the forest, old forests do not absorb any extra CO2 from the atmosphere. Replanting a forest will only reabsorb the CO2 emitted by the trees that were chopped down. An acre of rain-forest, if it is virgin forest (that is planted on land that has not being forested for over 100 years) absorbs about 135KG of CO2 per year. Twenty acres of rain forest absorbs 80 tons of CO2 in a year - the amount of Co2 emitted from burning 8000 gallons of gasoline. Therefore 1 acre of rain forest would absorb 4 tons of CO2 in a year. The Amazon rainforest absorbs 1.5 billion tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere every year.

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