How much DNA are in human body cells?

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There are about 50 million or 50 trillion in the adult body. But that isn't always true. It may not be true because cells die and form again. And it will be hard to count all the cells. Adult and child cells don't add up because and adult is big but a child is small so the child will have less sells. So 50 million or 50 trillion is the correct estamate in the human body. P.S. NERD SQUAD IS THE BEST!
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What is the length of the Dna in a human sperm Cell?

Human Dna in Diploid -Somatic- Cells has the extended Length of 1.87 meters. Sperm and Egg Cells -Gametes- are Haploid Cells, with one half of The Genetic Complement, so the length is 0.935 meters [repeat - in length - jammed into a Space about three microns across].

What human cells can't have DNA extracted?

Red blood cells (otherwise known as erythrocytes). They contain no DNA or organelles. They lose them whilst maturing so as to be able to pack more haemoglobin into the cell and therefore be more efficient oxygen carriers.

Which cells in the human body does not contain DNA?

The only cells which lack DNA are the mature red bloodcells (erythrocytes). This is because they lack anucleus, which is where the DNA is found in other cells. Red bloodcells also lack mitochondria which themselves have DNA. Thereforethey not only lack nuclei DNA, but mitochondrial DNA as well. Red ( Full Answer )

Is DNA found in every cell of your body?

Almost every cell has nuclear DNA. The exception is mature red blood cells (erythrocytes), which extrude their nucleus during development. Without a nucleus, they cannot live long; the average life of a red cell is 120 days. In addition, all cells contain mitochondria, and these contain mitoch ( Full Answer )

Is DNA the same in every cell in the human body?

Yes, (except for slight random replication mutations that may happen due to exposure to radiation or harsh chemicals or invasion by viruses) apart form the egg and sperm cells which contain only half the DNA.

How much of the Human body is made of blood cells?

Blood makes up about 1/12 of body weight. As there are 12-16 grams of haemoglobin per 100g of blood, the weight of blood cells based on body weight is 1%. So yes but its made up of many other things too like tissue and white blood cells.

What are some of the benefits of squeezing so much data into virtually every cell in the body Why did humans not evolve with one central repository of DNA rather than having it replicated throughout?

What are some of the benefits of squeezing so much data into virtually every cell in the body? . A DNA strand contains a complete representation of everything about our physiology. It also contains instructions on how to form our body by repeated divisions of a single cell. Each cell needs to know ( Full Answer )

Which cells in your body contain DNA?

DNA is present in all human cells, except the red blood cells, that is because RBCs do not contain the organelle nucleus or any other DNA containing organelle like mitochondria.

In the human body where is DNA found?

DNA is found in every cell througout the body, with the cells, the genetic information is contained within the nucleus of each cell

How much DNA can you pack in a cell?

If you pack too much DNA into a cell what would happen is this, it takes a lot of nucleotide bases to seta all the instructions an organism needs. the total set of instruction for a human being is over 3 billion nucleotide and would stretch almost 6 feet in length if you lined up all the bases!

Where in a human cell would you find DNA?

DNA is a series of amino acids that are strung together to forma long strand, these form the chromosomes , whichare located in the nucleus of the cell .

How many meters of DNA are in a human cell?

In one human cell, there are 2 metres of DNA. Which means that a human has about 200 trillion metres of DNA in their entire body. No... theres 3.6m of DNA per cell

How much DNA can be found in a human?

The human genome contains 3,079,860,316 base pairs of DNA, arranged in 23 pairs of chromosomes plus mitochondrial DNA. These form 32,185 distinct genes.

How long does DNA live in human body?

DNA will survive in the environment for less than one million years and slowly degrades into short fragments in solution. Claims for older DNA have been made, most notably a report of the isolation of a viable bacterium from a salt crystal 250-million years old, but these claims are controversial.

How much DNA do humans have?

Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes, and just over 3 billion base pairs. Each cell in the human body has about 2m of DNA (if it were stretched out). This means that an average human's DNA would be 2 * 10 11 km long! This length is 500,000 times the distance to the moon (4 * 10 5 km).

How can DNA of a human cell be cut and rearranged?

Enzymes are used to cut and paste DNA from one source to another. Enzymes called restriction endonucleases are capable of cutting DNA at specific sites called restriction sites. These sites are typically 4 - 6 nucleotides in length and occur several times in the genome of almost all organisms discov ( Full Answer )

What is the percentage Non human DNA in human body?

There is no single percent number. At any given moment, depending upon your diet (meats, legumes) and pathogenic interaction (viruses), you may have as little as 0.00003% or as much as 0.02%. That sounds like almost nothing, but is really alot if you consider DNA recombination.

Where is DNA located in the human cell?

Two places: the DNA that gives instruction for the construction of the person is inside the nucleus and there is also mitochondrial DNA in the outside of the nucleus in the cytoplasm (the fluid filling of the cell).. Mitochondria are cell organelles in the cytoplasm of eukariotic cells that generat ( Full Answer )

How many DNA in human cells?

A human cell has 46 chromosomes, 23 from each parent. Each chromosome is a separate stretch of DNA. Approximately 150 human cells yield 1 ng of DNA.

How much DNA does a cell hold?

A cell must hold a sufficient number of base pairs in its chromosomes to encode its entire genome. Bacteria may have 10^4 base pairs on the small end, while mammals may have several billion base pairs, plus extra-nuclear DNA inside mitochondria, and other *RNA in the cytoplasm. Under extra-ordinary ( Full Answer )

Human body contian DNA or RNA?

Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is two strands of Ribonucleic acid (RNA) that have been put together. See for a more detailed answer.

Is DNA in any cell of the human body the same?

No - well, sort of. The DNA in every cell is almost the same, but a tiny snippet of each DNA strand codes the specific job the cell does, and that's what makes each cell's DNA slightly different. For example, the code for a skin cell is different from that of a liver cell. The differences in the " ( Full Answer )

How do you draw a diagram of human cell DNA?

You draw the deoxyribose first (labelled S), connect it to a phosphate group (P) then a base connects to the deoxyribose. Between the bases, are hydrogen bonds. Or just draw two spirals and draw different colored bands to represent the 4 base

Can a human body accept another human body's DNA?

The answer is NO. You can modify a particular part of the DNA by mutation but an entirely different DNA cannot be incorporated into another DNA simply because DNA is present in each nucleated cell of the body and as there are millions and millions of such cells, its not possible to do it. :)

How long is the length of DNA in the human body?

the human genome contains about 3 billion base pairs, they are curled up in a double helix, each turn takes 10 base pairs and is 3,4 nanometers in height that means: (3*10 9 /10)*3,4=1,02*10 9 nanometers = 1,02 m. This may seem unreal but keep in mind that our DNA is very compact because it is ( Full Answer )

How is DNA used in the human body?

DNA is the genetic code for your body. DNA tells what color your hair is going to be or what skin pigment you will have-- how much melanin your skin will produce. It even tells what kind of nose you will have and what your lips will be like. It makes you who you are. Chromosomes, strands of DNA pack ( Full Answer )

Is DNA code the same in every somatic cells in human body?

Somatic cells are body cells which are important part of the body's multicellularity and function. So they should have same DNA code in order to maintain a balance in the functioning of the body. And except sex cells (gamates) all the cells of human body (i.e. somatic cells) have the same DNA code. ( Full Answer )

What is the role of DNA in the cell in the body?

DNA is your cells give you your genetic information which is what makes up who you are. you receive it from your parents through genes. they help control how your body performs functions and what you look like.

Are the DNA strands in a human body the same?

I am not certain what it is that you are asking. The two strands of DNA that are a part of the double helix are notthe same; they are complementary. Each purine is matched with apyrimidine (A to T, G to C). Each cell of one individual (with few exceptions) contains the sameDNA, all 46 chromosomes ( Full Answer )

Is there a cell in humans that don't have DNA?

No. Not all cells have a nucleus, which contains nuclear DNA; but all cells have mitochondria, which have their own DNA, called mitochondrial DNA, or mDNA. In humans, the cells that lack a nucleus and therefore nuclear DNA, are mature red blood cells, but they do have mitochondria and mitochondrial ( Full Answer )

Why do cells in the body differ if they have the same DNA?

As you probably already know, all of the cells in your body started from a single cell.\nThat single cell then divided many, many times to turn into the 50 trillion or so cells that make up you. Almost all of the cells in your body share the same DNA as was found in that first cell*.\nSo if they hav ( Full Answer )