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Matters How much you pay, More you pay the more you get! You could get huge amounts and small amounts its up to you on how much you want to spend!

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Q: How much Habbo credits could you have on Habbo?
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Can you buy habbo credits using facebook credits?

Yes, you could before, using Habbo Hotel's Facebook App, but since Facebook's Updates on Dec. 9th, you can no longer buy Habbo Credits, using Facebook Credits.

How much do 160 Habbo credits cost?

10 dollars

Do you get credits on Habbo if it is your Birthday?

Currently you do not get credits for your Birthday on Habbo unless your parents by them as a gift for you.

How do you get free coins on Habbo?

There is no way to get free credits on Habbo Hotel. You must buy credits with real world currency. You can also get credits by working for users on Habbo Hotel.

How many credits do you need to join Habbo?

no credits

How does one get vip on habbo?

One gets VIP on habbo by using credits but to get credits you need to buy them.

What is the telephone number for Habbo Hotel to get free credits?

There is no actual phone number to get free credits in Habbo.

Free credits in Habbo?

Hello Guys/Women,To get free habbo credits/coins simply goto,

What Habbo when you enter the Habbo get free credits?

How many Habbo coins is one gold bar?

50 Habbo credits

Where do you get free habbo credits without generator or scam?

Earn Credits :)

How do you get Habbo coins?

It depends on the Habbo site you are at. is the USA. And most of them are the same :) You can order Habbo Credits there.Alternatively, if you are asking for more information about the genuine free credits from Habbo, see the related question, further down this page, listed under Related Questions.== ==

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