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IN Georgia most construction workers make 5K or more


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There has been much negative publicity about this subject. Construction workers on the Burj Dubai site are said to earn as little as $4 per day.

I'll tell you what they pay in India, you are gonna faint! For a day minimum, 2$ and maximum 8-10$..... That's right, the entire day

They use a LOT of math, most likely 20 times what you'd do in a day.

The average pay of a construction worker was $15 a day. This was very high for the time.

Eat if your hungry from working.If you sit in a chair all day you should hit gym and watch your diet

not much about 14,000 - 21,000

A single worker died during the construction of the Eiffel tower. He was on his day off as it was Sunday and had come there with his girlfriend. Wanting to impress her, he climbed to display his skills and fell to the ground.

is $1 dollar , Working 12-hour days and 6-day work weeks

It really depends on the kind of work you will be doing, but in a construction hat you should look for something that is durable and doesn't bend easily. Its always good to ask fellow construction worker on his every day hat.MSA V-Guard hats are probably the best and most widely used in construction.

in on day a fact food worker will earn $10 so in one year it will maybe $1080

well i heard about one tha said that they are rude but honestly i dont think so one construction worker waved at me when i was watching him from my window (creepy i know) and he was really nice. i dont know if this is a stereotype but i think that most (not the old ones) are REALLY HOT! like i could stare at them all day

Entirely depends on what you're doing. If you're only going to school/office, it's way too much. If you're a top athlete, construction worker, landscaper, lumberjack or an infantry soldier on deployment, it can actually be too little.

This really depends on how much you move and do a day. in average its about 2000 for women and 2200 for men. If you dont move because a handicap or another reason you should eat less, If you do hard labor as in construction worker or do alot of exercize you should try to have more.

minimum wage cause all they do is put meat on subs.

A day worker is a person who is not employed on a long term basis. A day worker may do different types of work for different employers each day of the week. Not to be confused with a migrant worker.

The average worker uses about 600 TVH. This depends on how energy efficient their workplace is and what kind of environment they work in.

I would say that the daycare worker would probaly only make 19% of what the day care is paided, or if there weren't many people working there they would get 25%.

they usually get paid over $100 every day if they have been good.

8 billion pounds literary crushing them to death every day.

it makes $2,000,000 a makes $4,000 a day

In 1895 the average worker made about $1.55 a day. Most people had their own garden, chickens, and livestock to supplement their wages.

There's such thing as a migrant worker.. yes.

how much a doctor makes in a day

a pediatrician makes at least 1500 a day

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