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a maybach cost 4.76 crores in India

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the average used maybach sedan 62 costs 409,000

maybach landaulet costs something around Rs 5,50,00,000 in India

8 to 9 million dollars my friend

The slogan for Maybach is: Not so much a name as a philosophy. Maybach.

The cheapest Maybach (luxury car company made by Mercedes-Benz) is the Maybach 57 with a price tag of $ 341 750, in second the 57 s with a cost of $ 381,250, in third it's the 62 costing $ 392,750, in fourth it's the 62 s costing $ 432,250 and last but not least the most expensive Maybach is the Landaulet with a price tag of over 1,350,000 million dollars.

The Maybach Exelero car ranks high on the list of one of the most expensive motor vehicles of the Maybach brand. A sporty drive away in the Maybach Exelero will cost an average of a cool eight million to purchase.

In India it will cost around 1350RS

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it costs Rs 35500 in India

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Thaey are made by Maybach.

Maybach Exelero was created in 2005.

Christiane Maybach is 165 cm.