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Around 20

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Q: How much a vac truck driver operator make in Toronto?
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How much money does an owner operator truck driver make?

$90-$140 after fuel, truck payment, insurance and wear and tear

How much does a truck driver make if he owns his truck?

According to the Owner Operator and Independent Driver's Association, the average owner-operator in 2008 had a gross income of $158,005, with expenses of $117,458, for an average profit of $49,711. A company truck driver can make well over $50,000 a year, especially on a dedicated account. So when compared side by side, being an owner operator is not as lucrative as it sounds.

Does master electrician make more money than truck driver owner operator?

Yes, depending on the city.

How much money does a boom truck operator make?

boom truck operator income and business opportunities

How much do OTR truck drivers make?

The annual income for an OTR truck driver in the United States ranges from $41,000 per year to $144,000 per year. An owner-operator can make as much as $270,000.

How much is a truck driver's salary?

A truck driver's salary depends on your location, but on average, a truck driver will make about $53,000 a year. If that sounds like a good amount to you, then go for it.

What rate of pay could you expect to make as a heavy tow truck operator in the Greater Toronto Area?

In the Toledo Ohio area I would hazard a educated guess to be between $35k to $50k US

How much does a truck driver make a month?


What kind of people make smoothies?

truck driver

How much do you make a year after becoming a truck driver?

It mostly depends on which company you'll work for but usually truck drivers make great money, for your first year as a truck driver you can make 47,000 to 50,000 dollars.

Monster truck driver earnings?

make your question make sense

How much do dump truck drivers make?

The salary for a dump truck driver will vary depending on location, experience, and employer. On average, a dump truck driver will make an estimated $18.00 per hour.

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