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It depends on how much your baby weighs

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2012-01-22 14:08:37
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Q: How much acetaminophen can you give a 9 month old?
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How much should a 2 months old baby take tempra for fever?

Never give acetaminophen to a 2 month old without a doctor prescribing it.

How much of a 500Mg of acetaminophen do you give a 8 year old?

For an 8 year old weighing less than 60 pounds, give one half of a 500mg tablet of acetaminophen. If under 70 pounds, you can give three fourths of a tablet.

How much Tylenol would I give an 8 year old?

for acetaminophen 160 mg for pseudoephedrine hydrochloride 15 mg

How much amoxicillin should you give a 21 month old?

Amoxicillin should never be given to a 21-month-old without a prescription from a doctor, who will give you a correct dosage.

How much advil can you give your 7 month old child?

call a doctor

How much Tylenol to give to a 3 month old baby?

15 mg .

What if your 11 month old is a picky eater and has not gained much weight what do you do?

give him the breast.

How much do you get for SSI?

i am 65 years old and receive $337.00 per month, how much ssi will give me if i apply for it?

Can you give a nine month old Tylenol in between giving them Motrin?

Yes, you can. You can alternate Tylenol (acetaminophen) with Motrin (ibuprofen) every four hours. This can significantly help when trying to fight a fever.

Is 0.8 to much to give a 6 month old baby of benadryl?

Yes. Do not give your infant benadryl. Take them to a doctor.

How much milk should a 14-month-old drink per day?

hi i give my 15 month old 3 9onz bottles a day hope that helps

What do you give a 14 month old for fever?

You can give your 14 month old Children's Tylenol. 2.5ml = 1/2 TSP

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