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I think there is 11.3 millograms of acid in apple juice.

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โˆ™ 2010-04-21 21:27:00
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Q: How much acid is in apple juice?
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Which have the most acid apple juice or orange juice?

Apple Juice has much more acid than Orange.

What acids are common in apple orange and grape juice?

The most common acid in apple juice is malic acid. The most common acid is orange juice is ascorbic acid. It also has much citric acid. The most common acid in grape juice is tartaric acid.

What has more acid apple juice or cranberry juice?

Apple juice has more acid than cranberry juice.

What is the PH in apple juice and is it strong base or acid or neutral?

The pH of apple juice is 3. It is an acid.

What acid does apple jucie have?

Malic acid is present in apple juice.

Is apple juice an acid or a base?


Is apple juice an acid or alkali?


Is apple juice an acid or base?


What has more sugar orange juice or apple juice?

apple, because of the acid

Is apple juice an acid?

Yes it has acid, the acid in it is Malic Acid.

Why is lemon juice a stronger acid than apple juice?

Because a lemon is a citrus and an apple is not.....

Is apple juice a acidic or base?


What drinks do not have citric acid in them?

Water and pretty much all juices I think I no apple juice does not

How much acid does grape juice?

How much acid in grape juice

How much apple juice is juice?

apple juice has depending on the brand about 60% real juice

What acid is in apple juice and cranberry juice?

Citric Acid. Citric acid is also found on most sour gummy worms.

How does apple juice clean pennies the best?

Because apple juice is a type of acid, therefore it cleans well.

Does orange juice have more citric acid than apple juice?

yes it does

Can you drink apple juice if you have acid reflux?


Does apple juice contain a kind of acid?

yes it does.

How much fiber is in apple juice?

No fiber is in present in apple juice.

Is apple juice bad for uric acid?

no, it is goodfor containing uric acid

Will drinking apple juice aggravate acid reflux?

Apple juice is acidic. It doesn't seem to be the best choice of drink.

How does lemon juice prevent apple slices from browning?

The acid in the juice prevents oxidation.

Does apple juice contain acid?

Apple mostly contains the organic acid, L-malic acid. That is not a more destructive acid like phosphoric acid that is found in sodas.