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Orange Juice is a solution that contains citric acid, which gives orange juice an approximate pH of 3.5. Which substance is more acidic than orange juice?

Battery acid with a pH of 0.8


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Yes, there is acid in Oranges. It is called citric acid.

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Citric acid and ascorbic acid are present in an orange.

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Battery acid with a pH of 0.8

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Yes there is in orange juice

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Q: Does orange juice have more acid than soda?
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Conclusion on what makes a penny rust soda or orange juice?

orange juice because of the acid

Why would soda make a coin rust faster than orange juice?

Both soda and orange juice are acidic, but the carbination in most sodas make it more acidic than the mildly-acidic citric acid in orange juice.

How much soda pop would be equivalent to stomach acid?

There is no real answer to this question, because the pH of soda and stomach acid are different. Adding more soda to a bottle of soda does not increase the acidity of the liquid. Imagine adding more orange juice to a glass half full of orange juice - does the taste of acid increase? No. Here's some more info on soda and stomach acid:

What reacts with baking soda besides vinegar?

anything that is an acid like lemon juice

What makes a penny rust orange juice or soda?

Since ornage juice contains citric acid it can attack a penny. However, soda usually contains phosphoric acid and so can do also.

In what order do these freeze milk water orange juice soda?

milk then soda then orange juice then water

Which dentures more coffee soda or grape juice?

Grape Juice because it has more acid in it usually.

What is more reactive with baking soda orange juice or vinegar?

Lemon juice works bestl

If soda has acid in it then why do you still drink it?

It's the type of acid, not the fact that it's acid. I wouldn't drink battery acid but I would drink citric acid (orange juice).

What evaporates faster orange juice or soda?


Why does orange juice turn to orange pop?

because you have to put baking soda in orange juice

What will rust a penny quicker soda or orange juice?

soda soda