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Three-fourths of the several states.

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Why was the system of checks and balances builit into the constitution?

It was made to ensure that no one branch had too much power and needed the approval of another branch to be successful.

What type of amendment is the 11th amendment?

pretty much you cant sue a state

Which two states were the last to abolish slavery in America?

The 13th amendment to the Constitution abolished slavery in the USA, and it was adopted on December 6, 1865. However, the state of Mississippi didn't "ratify" (to make it official) it until 1995. Kentucky didn't ratify until 1976. See the link below for further explanation. However, these two states not ratifying the 13th amendment until much after 1865 is considered to have only been symbolic. The federal law abolishing slavery still made it illegal for anyone in these states to own a slave.

Why did several states not ratify the constitution?

Several states did not ratify the Constitution right away because they felt the federal government had to much power. Once the Bill of Rights was added, the states that were hesitate ratified the Constitution.

Why were some states reluctant to ratify the constitution?

Some states were reluctant to ratify the constitution because they feared it provided the federal government with too much power. The U.S. Constitution was ratified on June 21, 1788.

How did the 21 amendment effect the 18th amendment?

the 21st amendment pretty much reversed the 18th saying at a certain age you could drink alcohol. (age 21 hence the 21 amendment)

Who is not included in the The 15th amendment?

Women were not included in the 15th amendment. Back then women did not have as much right as men.

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How much light is needed in basement?

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How does a king effect the government of a nation?

Kings exert much more power over their government than for example, a president does in modern day governments. They can directly control things like the taxes without any approval needed.

What is obama's current approval rating?

The President's Approval Rating is a measure of how much the people like the President at any given time during his term of office. As of July 30, 2014, President Obama's approval rating sat at 46 percent.

Abolished by 13th amendment?

13th amendment abolished slavery and much more. Abolished means put an end to.

How Much Time The Loan Approval Process Will Take?

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Before 26th amendment what was the legal voting age?

the age before the 26th amendment was 21 i believe. it is very strange that you don't really see much about before the 26th amendment.

How much of Congress must approve an amendment to the U.S. Constitution before it is sent to the states?

How much of Congress must approve an amendment to the U.S. Constitution before it is sent to the states?

Does the president have too much power in foreign affairs?

This is a matter of opinion. My opinion is "no" - the President does not have too much power in foreign affairs. You know that he can only negotiate treaties with foreign government, not ratify them. He can sent troops to foreign countries, but he can not declare war and he can not fight for very long without Congressional financing, since he has no money he can spend without approval from Congress. He appoints the Secretary of State, but the Senate must approve his appointment.

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How did Jefferson rationalize the Louisiana purchase?

The US very much needed access to the Mississippi and the port of New Orleans. The deal that Napoleon offered appeared to be the best offer available and might be withdrawn if he waited to a constitutional amendment to be proposed and ratified.

What is another name for the first amendment?

The first amendment is often referred to as the Freedom of Speech. The first amendment addresses much more than just the Freedom of Speech but is most commonly referred to in this manner.

After President Johnson adopted much of Lincoln's plan for Reconstruction what are two additional things he did that upset Congress?

1 - His insistence on attempting to rescue members of Southern establishment fro m the consequences of rebellion. 2 - After the promulgation of Fourteenth Amendment, Andrew Johnson urged the Southern States not to ratify if it were to become a law and they behaved according to his bidding.

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An argument against ratification of the Constitution might be that it gave too much power to the states?

The states would not refuse to ratify the constitution because it gave too much power to the states. By ratifying the constitution, the states were giving up power they had under the articles of confederation. Still, the states realized they needed a national government. The wars between them had to cease. The tariffs between them had to stop. And they needed to stop arguing about their borders. Only a national government could solve such problems.

What amendment was repealed?

The 18th amendment. It made drinking intoxicants illegal. After much failure in stopping people from drinking the government decided to end the law.

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