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Women were not included in the 15th amendment. Back then women did not have as much right as men.

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Q: Who is not included in the The 15th amendment?
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The 15th amendment enabled blacks to?

The 15th amendment enabled blacks to vote.

What is the amendment prohibited denial of the right to vote because of race?

it was the 15th amendment

Which amendment guarantees all male citizens regardless of race color or previous condition (i.e. slavery) the right to vote?

The 15th Amendment gave African Americans the right to vote, which would be included in "race, color, or previous servitude".

Which amendment banned suffrage restrictions based on race?

The Fifteenth Amendment eliminated race as a restriction on voting.

What amendment protects people right?


What is 15th amendment?

The 15th amendment guarantee's the right to vote without restrictions based on..for an example race.

What amendment allowed slaves to vote?

15th Amendment

What was the reconstruction amendment?


What amendment gave thee blacks a right to vote?

amendment 15 amendment 15 While the 15th Amendment is what prohibited the states from using race as a means to deny the right to vote. The times being what they were, though, in no way did the 15th create equal - or even open - access to voting. Poll taxes were one of the major ways local governments disenfranchised minorities and the poor; poll taxes were made illegal by the 24th Amendment. Therefore, it was actually a combination of the 15th and 24th Amendments that franchised black citizens.

What amendment allows black Americans to vote?

15th amendment

What amendment applies to roe v wade?

The 15th amendment

What was the last reconstruction amendment?