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Two types of silver dollars were issued in 1921, a Morgan dollar and a Peace dollar. The easy way to tell the difference is on the reverse (back) of a Peace dollar the eagles wings are folded, on the Morgan they are spread out.

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How much money is it Silver Dollar were 1921

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Q: How much are 1921 silver dollars worth?
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How much is a 1921 Morgan silver dollar worth?

a 1921 Morgan silver dollar mint San Fransisco is worth about 18-30,000 dollars depending on the condition if uncurculated

How much is a 1921 circulated Morgan Silver dollar worth?

1921 is by far the most common date for Morgan silver dollars. As of 24 February 2013, one is worth about $22 for the silver.

How much is a 1921 Morgan Carson City mint silver dollar worth?

Please look at the coin again. There are no 1921 CC Morgan dollars.

Uncirculated 1921 Morgan silver dollar?

1921 is by far the most common date for Morgan dollars. As such, even an uncirculated specimen isn't worth much above the value for its silver content. At present, it's worth about $21.

How much its worth for a 1921 Morgan silver dollar good condition?

1921 is by far the most common date for Morgan dollars. As of 22 Dec. 2012, it's worth around $23.

In 1921 how much was a billion dollars worth?


How much are 1921 Morgan dollars worth?

Morgan dollars from 1921 are the most common Morgan dollar and even in uncirculated condition they don't command much of a premium over melt. They are worth about $30-35 depending on condition and silver price if circulated and perhaps $40 if completely uncirculated.

How much is a used 1921 silver dollar worth?

About 23.00$ depending of the price of silver....

How much is a 1921 Mercury one dollar silver coin worth?

The series of US "MERCURY" coins are dimes not dollars, post new question.

How much is a 1779 silver dollar worth?

How much is a 1779 coin worth in the us

How much is fifty 1952 silver dollars worth?

There were no silver dollars minted in 1952.

How much are silver quarters and dimes worth in Canadian money?

Silver dimes are worth about $2.50 in US dollars. This is about. 2.49 Canadian dollars. Silver quarters are worth about $5. This is about $4.98 Canadian dollars.

How much ia a 1921 silver dollar worth?


What is the value of a 1976 Morgan silver dollar?

Not much, it would only be worth whatever the material to make the copy is worth because genuine Morgan dollars were made from 1878 to 1904 and in 1921.

How much are American silver dollars worth?

need more info ... what kind of silver dollars?

How much is a mint condition 1921 Morgan silver dollar worth?

The 1921 Morgan is the highest mintage, most common of all Morgan dollars. Retail values are $25.00-$45.00 for a average Mint State coin.

How much is a 1921 susan b anthony worth?

The SBA coin appeared in 1979 for the first time. Unfortunately in 1921 two different silver dollars were made, a Morgan and a peace dollar. Post new question.

How much American Eagle Silver Coin worth?

It is worth about 600singapore dollars to 1000singapore dollars

How much are 1921 Morgan silver dollars worth?

8-1-11>>> The 1921 Morgan's have the highest mintage and are the most common of all Morgan Dollars in all grades. Circulated coins have retail values of $37.00-$44.00 depending on mintmarks.

How much are silver dollars from 60s worth?

The US didn't make any silver dollars in the 1960s.

How much are Kennedy silver dollars worth?

there are no kennedy silver dollars in existance and there never was and there never will be, there are kennedy half dollars and they are worth a little more than fifty cents

How much is a 1921 1.00 e plurlebus unum coin worth?

There were 2 dollar coins minted in 1921, Morgan dollars and Peace dollars, without knowing which coin it was, it is impossible to say what it is worth.

How much is a silver dollar proof worth?

It depends greatly on the year, early silver dollar proof dollars can be worth several thousand dollars, modern silver dollar proofs of common dates might be worth $20 or so for silver scrap.

How much is Pokemon Silver worth?

Ten dollars.

How much is a 1898 silver peace dollar worth?

Peace dollars were minted from 1921 to 1935. A dollar dated 1898 would be called a Morgan dollar, after its designer George Morgan.

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