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Value is one cent, or face value.

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Q: How much are a us 2012 penny?
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How much is postcard stamp in US?

The cost in 2012 is 32 cents. It was 29 cents until January 22 2012. Originally it was only a penny!

Are there 2012 D us penny's?


How much would a penny from 1897 be worth today?

How much would an 1897 indain head penny be worth today in 2012

How much is a 1984 Canada penny worth in US?

About a penny

How much does a 2012 penny weigh?

2.5 grams.

How much is a US wheat penny 1873?

There is no 1873 wheat penny. It is an Indian head penny.

How much in us dollars equal for a 1898 indian head penny?

A penny is .01 US dollars.

What is the value to a 1938 US penny?

A Penny..the other day I found a penny from the 20s. Its still a penny not much as changed.

Does the 2012 penny have Obama or Lincoln on it?

The 2012 US penny features Lincoln on the front. There are no official US coins with a likeness of President Obama, yet. In addition to that, no U.S. coins or currency feature a living person.

What does a 1919 penny look like?

The US coin looks very much like a modern US penny

Is there such a US coin (penny) that is bigger then a regular US penny?

The US one cent used to be much larger, but the size was reduced in 1857.

Is there a 2012 penny?

My friend found a 2012 penny in my hallway

How much is a united emirates penny worth in us?

A single UAE Penny is worth about .0027 USD or about 27% of a Penny

How much is it the value for a 1992 penny from US?

It's a common date penny, that's all.

What is the value of a 1955 S US penny in MS-60 condition?

As of July 11 2012 a 1955-S US penny in MS-60 condition is worth around 35 cents.

How much is 1 penny in rupees?

if you're talking bout a US Penny like half a rupee

How much is a penny from 1691 worth?

With a date of 1691 it's not a US penny. Post new question.

How much is penny worth in England money?

1 US penny is worth about 3/4ths of a British pence.

How much is a 1999 Canadian penny worth in the US?


How much is a us penny worth?

one cent or $0.01

How much is a 1960 us penny worth?

2 cents.

How much does a US 1899 penny cost?

200 dollars

How much is a US penny from 1859 worth?

2344440093 Bucks

How much is a 1958 us penny worth?

5 cents

How much is a US 1946 penny worth?

3 cents.