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How much are boats?

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Is all depends on witch kind of boats you are looking for, fresh water or salt water, Motor, Jet Drive, In-board, Out-board. You also have to keep in mind the prices for the safety gear(flares, PFD's, etc).

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How much do the boats on Deadliest Catch get paid for allowing cameras on their boats?

60,000 per boat

What are the different kinds of boats?

There are sail boats, ugly boats, pretty boats, speed boats, fun boats, unfun boats, amazingness boats! i luv boats! i own a boat!!there are sail boats row boats speed boats paddle boats

How much are narrow boats?

Narrowness or cost to buy ?

What transportation did Mesopotamia had?

they used boats and donkeys. Horses wer not used as much. They used long boats for long voyages.

How did the steamboat affect the 1800s?

The steam boats power and capasity were much greater than traditional boats. It could also travel much farther with more cargo. Soon after the orignal was made they began making double decker steam boats.

What has the author Joanna Ruane written?

Joanna Ruane has written: 'Boats, boats, boats' 'Boats, Boats, Boats'

How much do big boats weigh?

about 234,000 pounds with people~

What evidence is there of geography's movement of Mykonos Town on the Greek Island of Mykonos?

Well there is a lot of movement like people, wind, boats, and much moreWell there is a lot of movement like people, wind, boats, and much morEWell there is a lot of movement like people, wind, boats,

Why do boats tip over?

Boats flip over due to much excessive weight put onto one side of the boat, tipping it over.

How much does discovery pay the crab boats?

75000 per boat

Why did they underfill the boats on the Titanic?

because the crewmen were rushing to get people on the boats they didnt know how much time they had to save people. also the crewmen that were loading the boats didnt believe the capacity of 65 was right they thought the boats would sink, therefore plunging the people in the boats into the icy water, but they could have been filled to the full capacity.

How good are gas poweres remote control boats?

Gas powered RC boats are usually bigger and more powerful than electric powered RC boats. However, the gas powered RC boats are also usually much more expensive than their electric counterparts. Finally gas powered RC boats are not allowed in all areas.

Why were the vikings boats called long boats?

there called long boats because there boats that are long

How did the people of stone age made boats?

The same we do... there boats on a much smaller scale though... Despite belief. The Stone age people were very smart.

What was the exact quote of Rat in wind in the willows about messing about with boats?

"There is nothing--absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats."

How much do RC Model boats cost?

There is a wide range of prices for a RC model boats. Starting around $22 for a lower quality boat to somewhere around $300 for some higher end prices. Depending on how much you want to spend, is how much.

How much are house boats?

Depends what your looking for. Like what type of house boat.

Why did beothuks die?

becase they ate to much they all sank there boats and they dround

What are the enemies of a mamatee?

Pretty much just people. We hit them with our propellers on our boats.

What safety was there on the Titanic?

About 10 safety boats but not much. It was supposed to be un-sinkable

If all the boats and ships were taken out of the sea by how much would the sea level drop?

i think if all the heavy ships and boats r taken from the sea...It will drop

What are some kinds of boats?

Sail boats, ski boats, trawlers, jet boats, motor yachts, jet boats, pontoon boats, bass boats, bay boats, bowriders

what allows aluminum boats to float?

The boats displace water in such a way that they remain afloat. Hence why most boats have a V hull shape. This allows them to displace the water and remain afloat, if on the other hand you put to much in a boat it will eventually sink.

What is the color of a schooner boat?

It can be any color the owner wants. Boats are generally black or white. This is traditional. In northern climes boats were painted black to absorb heat, and in southern climes they were white to reflect heat. This doesn't matter much anymore now that most boats are fiberglass or metal. With wood boats it is still an important consideration because wood shrinks or expands depending on how much moisture is in the wood and temperature has lot to do with that. But if you go to a marina you will see boats that are red, blue, yellow, green, brown and other colors. I have even seen pink and purple boats.

How did the boats improved by 1900?

boats have improved by the way the work boats used to be